Sanctification Leads to a Purified Light

Often times in church or in church-like conversations, we quickly become overwhelmed with the terminology that is spoken of, whether it is words like propitiation, sanctification, redemption, atonement, etc. we feel overwhelmed and inferior to whomever is talking to us.  Due to feeling such discouragement, it often trickles into a lack of focus.  The lack of focus stems from a poor education of the terminology, rather than a lack of interest in the terminology.  I know that sounds confusing, but follow me for a second – being the tech nerd that I am, if I assume you know everything about a 2.4GHZ processor in a phone when you have no education on processing in phones, you will quickly tune me out.  You only tune me out, because I am little making you feel as if you are unprepared for this conversation or making you feel as if you did not take the time to get to know what everyone else is getting to know.  The misconception is that it is due to a lack of interest, but it is really not, it is due to a lack of wanting to be humiliated.  So I definitely do not want to introduce a topic without giving it its proper introduction.  Part of being a believer in Christ comes with a lifelong task of becoming sanctified by the Spirit.  To be sanctified is to be made holy or to be free from sin.  You see there is a natural condition that comes with becoming a believer in Christ, you are spiritually immersed with baptism with the Holy Spirit.  The Holy Spirit then leads you and draws you near to Christ, by doing its job of drawing you nearer to Christ, you will begin to see things in your life that become convicting or just seem not right anymore.  These types of things are sinful and because those actions or activities do not draw your nearer to Christ, it is the Holy Spirits job to help you flee from those sinful fleshly desires and enter into a pursuit of holiness.  This process of the Spirit aiding you to flee from sin in your life is called sanctification.  May we strive to greater know The Lord with our hearts through this process of sanctification, so that we can be made Holy in Your name.   Let us not be fearful of sanctification and it’s large word, but rather tackle it head on! Let us go after the Lord with all of our heart and soul.

Gut Check!

Let’s face it; our current society has an obsession with trends, fashions, Cinderella stories, tangible goods, and pursuing happiness. We spend our time checking out whatever is trending on Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, and other entertainment sites. A large determination behind why we are so overwhelmed by the latest and greatest is because we love innovation. We love the latest iPhone, the latest Galaxy, and anything that is fresh off the press. Our culture,the American culture, is in constant pursuit of innovation and has been since the day we revolted from the British. Americans have always aspired to be the best, most well-known, and to be able to look down on everyone else. Innovation is instructed through every History course that is taken from Kindergarten through the Collegiate ranks, innovation can be expressed through artistic appeal, business endeavors, and seemingly any way that would be profitable by human consumption. What you may not have ever considered is this: Did you know that the reason why you check Pinterest for new ideas is because you are so obsessed with the idea of innovating that you would steal another persons’ creativity for your own gain? Did you know the reason you are on Facebook non-stop is so that you can make the post that goes viral? Did you know that the reason you try the trick shots in the back yard is so you can be the next version of Dude Perfect on YouTube? Let us quit trying to be trendy and like everyone else, originality is what we can truly offer! You see God is not after the American Dream, He is not after your next viral post, or even your next great innovative idea. No, He is after your heart and soul. May we understand that our purpose is not to fit into this world like some ball in a glove, but to instead relationally enjoy Him for all through eternity. May we plead for God to draw our hearts to His nature rather than the nature of the history of the Earth.