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I know that over the past year or so, I have been slow to write a lot of blogs – unlike how I was cranking them out before.  This is largely because I have been going through several life changing events.  For example, I have gotten married, assisted in planting a church, moved, started a couple new jobs, and have been WORKING on my new BOOK!  Yes, you read that correctly, launching my own book!  Thanks for all of the loyal followers of this blog, it has made writing a book possible.  I truly thank you guys from the bottom of my heart.


So – since you guys are a large reason why I was able to receive the opportunity, I wanted to share a couple awesome things with you!


Below is the official cover & title !


Also, we have corrected a website that’s currently in the midst of construction, but still available –


I encourage you go to this site and check all sorts of different things regarding this new book launch!  It will have my bio and a story on what started the book.  It will also cover who this book would be great for along with it’s purpose!


I am so incredibly blessed by God’s grace and thank you guys SO SO SO SO SO much for your continued support.


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Our Inability and Lack of Sufficiency:

People are…well confusing:

As humanity, we have a few distinct perpetual issues within ourselves that have been reoccurring for thousands of years.  These issues are mans faith in his (her) own ability and mans ability to believe in his (her) self-sufficient being. This broken down means that man does not need anything else (aside from himself), because man is provisional (provides) for himself. Unfortunately until the end of time, I am not sure that we can completely solve this issue.  So if we cannot solve this infinite problem derived in the core of man, how can we contain this mental virus that latches to each and every person across the globe? Due to the uncanny nature of the given issue and the inability to identify what the root of the issue is, we cannot solve this issue as easy as step 1, step 2, and step 3.

The Gospel has an ability to cure us of all-self issues, the answers can simply be revealed miraculously to us that by His love, by His (Jesus’) sacrifice, His raising, and His ascension that we are now justified.  This concept is called grace, something that Jesus freely offers to any soul that simply believes that He died for you and the rest of humanity, so that He would defeat death and give us a path to the glorious Heavens that the Father has prepared for us after our time has ended.  The worldly fallacy of help continues to be mans first place to seek, but I beg and plead to you that only Jesus can aid you in your hurting and your issues.

– Hebrews 2:18 Because he himself suffered when he was tempted, he is able to help those who are being tempted.

We have identified an issue and the only true solution to defeat any flesh problem, but I suspect that the issue isn’t an outward problem, thus it must be a heart issue:  A piece from a previous post,

This means that I said to God once again: I want to live for you, totally and completely. I want to be a new creation (2Cor.5:17), transformed by the love you have shown me. I know that I have done many wrong things, and even the righteous things that I do are not worthy of you (Isaiah 64:6). But I also know that God saved us because of His mercy, not because of things we had done (Titus 3:4-5). So from that day on, I make a commitment to God saying that what He thinks would be more important than what the world thinks or I think, and that all that I do will be for His glory, things that He wants me to do.

My next question would be this:  How can Jesus change our heart if Jesus is never the one on our heart?

I believe the first step in evaluating a potential solution to destroying your own stigma of your perfect ability and your self-sufficiency would be to let Jesus consume your heart.  Study Jesus, learn about His life and the teachings He provided for man.  It would even aid your overcoming to allow the Spirit to minister to your ailing heart.  It may impact you greater to just seek God and be still during your prayers rather than spouting off all that you believe the world desires may be.  Remember that one thought in prayer by God is more powerful than all your thoughts for your lifetime combined, we must be still and know He is near at all times.  When we begin to maintain and sustain this intimacy with the Father, our Father grows closer to the core of our hearts.  After our father grows closer to our hearts, we begin seeking out His perfect Word and what the Word says about every day living.  We must hand over ourselves in full submission rather than partial submission.  Often times when I think of true submission to the Father, I obviously think of Jesus, but specifically think of Jesus’ prayer in John 17.  Go read and let the high priestly prayer blow your mind in how submissive Christ is to The Father! Even with the contextualization that is mentioned there, I believe there is a more prevalent passage that illustrates us more as humans in how we need to trust God’s ability and God’s sufficiency rather than our own.

Matthew:18 At that time the disciples came to Jesus and asked, “Who, then, is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven?”He called a little child to him, and placed the child among them. And he said: “Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.Therefore, whoever takes the lowly position of this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven.And whoever welcomes one such child in my name welcomes me.

Let’s check out the characteristics of a child and see if this could help contain the issue we’ve been tackling during this blog!


  1. Never desires authority
  2. Completely dependent on others
  3. Inability to do just about anything
  4. Joyful
  5. Mood isn’t impacted by socioeconomic status
  6. Children are color blind
  7. Children love one another
  8. Faith comes naturally

What if we could escape this grumpy culture that we dwell in and enjoy the Earth and enjoy God’s people the way that children do!  What if we never desired authority over The Father, as the child trusts his parents with everything.  Humans believe that they are the reason why they are surviving (although God breathes the breath through you), yet children cannot do anything alone and always need the assistance of someone.  Children are simply joyful while we are FLAT. OUT. GRUMPY. Children do not set a barrier of standards by tangible goods as we, adults, often do.  The child does not care whether they are riding in a Benz or a 1974 Ford beat-up pick up truck, they simply value the quality time spent with (x) person.  Amazingly children do not see color, ethnicity, age, or anything that would impact a potential relationship with another person, we are obviously pretty bad at that one too.  (Just study history) As people we struggle mightily to share love, peace, and forgiveness with our brethren or sisters, yet children love anyone and everyone.  To keep pounding on this point, to children faith comes naturally. If a dad tells his son that he kicks a cow over a fence, the child trusts that the dad is telling the truth and has complete faith in it…trust me, my dad actually told me that!!!!!!!

But as people, we struggle finding our identity in faith because we spend more time searching than trusting.  Jesus flat-out knows His stuff, of course He does, but this is something that we must not look over!  Perhaps it is good to learn from the wise elderly, but it is also wise to learn from the naive children whom love graciously without condition.

Father, my prayer:

Let us realize that there is complete ability in Christ, not ourselves.  Let us realize that we can have all-sufficiency in your grace (2Cor 12:9).  Father, let us count our trials joy and allow you to make those trials triumphs in your Son’s name (James 1:2).  Guide us in all that we do for You and we thank You for all that you continue to do on this Earth.  Aid us in reaching the lost and making them disciples, just as your Son did so masterfully to so many.

The Credibility of the Scriptures:

Shalom, my friends:


My prayer is that God will bless and keep you through your journeys and that you will keep our Father at the forefront of your life.  That you will also continue to pray without ceasing, as God has called us to serve His people and make disciples of all-nations, states, providences, cities, towns, and friends.


Could the Scriptures be false in any way?

This question has been posed to me multiple times in regards to man writing it,  genealogy and truths to age, revelations, and miracles.  The following points are often brought up as offensive attacks to justify the Bible being a half-truth.

1) The Scriptures were written by man, which is imperfect, so it would seem logical that the Scriptures could be deterred at least in some form…right?

2) God said that he would in Genesis 6:3 “…Spirit shall not abide in man forever, for he is flesh: his days shall be 120 years.”  Yet Noah, among others following Noah lived to be much older than 120 years old. Isn’t the oldest guy alive now like 123? (Link below to the 123 year old man)

3) Those funky looking beasts in Revelation, those can’t seriously be real, can they?

4) The Bible is now closed, so there obviously cannot be miracles anymore, right?


1)  2 Timothy 3:16, go read it, it’s quite self-explanatory.  Also, God is perfect, so read John 1:1.  That covers the first point.

2)  Okay, this is a great attack on the credibility of the Scriptures, but I believe we are largely taking out of context what the 120 years stands for here.  If you read the rest of Genesis 6, you see that it’s all about the demise of man and how God grieves over man’s creation.  It’s specifically about man up to that point, not man for the rest of humanity.  So understand that this 120 years means that God was going to accomplish the great deluge (great flood with Noah) in precisely 120 years.  This isn’t putting a time-limit on the creation of God and their existence, but merely putting a prophetic word of what was about to come very soon in the abolishment of man, with the exception of Noah’s family and the following generations.  We must stop relying on the ‘verse’ itself and start focusing on the contextual significance of the passage as a whole.

3)  I dare you to google ‘ugliest animals on Earth’ and you’ll see much stranger beings than the ones described in Revelation.  Plus if God can  create something as beautiful as you and I in His image, I’m certain He can create anything.  We have to quit putting God in a box and start seeing God for His character.  Our perspective of God and His perspective of Himself are two totally different things, we must bridge this gap together, allowing God to show us Himself who He is.

4) This is a huge theological debate that goes on everything single day amongst some of the greatest theologians.  But here’s my two sense, have you ever seen the process of creation? Have you ever sat and watched the probabilities of a child actually being successfully born?  It’s literally one in a million, that their eyes will see, their nose will smell, they’ll feel the touch, etc.  Yet, miraculously, each day thousands of children are born and continue to be born each and every day. But a part from this, I believe that salvation in and of itself is a miracle.  Perhaps, ‘salvation’ has become a lost art in the works of miracles, because I’m not sure that you can believe salvation is a miracle and then believe that Jesus’ followers cannot perform miracles either.  Because Jesus’ followers use the Holy Spirit to minister the Gospel to congregations, families, friends, and co-workers on a daily basis.  Listening to the Spirit is a miracle, because the Spirit is willing to allow your imperfect self to use it’s perfect being. I suppose the way you define the word ‘miracle’ really determines the answer to your question, but without getting too loopy in theology or anything…it’s clear that God’s creation is an incredible miracle and it’s happening each and every day, with the Bible being closed.

Thanks for taking the time to view this blog on the Credibility of the Scriptures. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions:  Feel free to leave me a note in the comments!

God bless!