Book Launch!

Hey guys!


I know that over the past year or so, I have been slow to write a lot of blogs – unlike how I was cranking them out before.  This is largely because I have been going through several life changing events.  For example, I have gotten married, assisted in planting a church, moved, started a couple new jobs, and have been WORKING on my new BOOK!  Yes, you read that correctly, launching my own book!  Thanks for all of the loyal followers of this blog, it has made writing a book possible.  I truly thank you guys from the bottom of my heart.


So – since you guys are a large reason why I was able to receive the opportunity, I wanted to share a couple awesome things with you!


Below is the official cover & title !


Also, we have corrected a website that’s currently in the midst of construction, but still available –


I encourage you go to this site and check all sorts of different things regarding this new book launch!  It will have my bio and a story on what started the book.  It will also cover who this book would be great for along with it’s purpose!


I am so incredibly blessed by God’s grace and thank you guys SO SO SO SO SO much for your continued support.


If you need to contact me directly for comments, questions on how to donate/purchase, questions around launch dates, or anything of that nature – I encourage that you check out all of the links to the right hand side.  >>>>>>>> (available if you’re on your iPad or desktop computer)


Otherwise – send me a line at and I will get back to you as soon as possible!


God bless!

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