Nightly thought: A discourse on the word ‘worth’

Have you ever thought about the word ‘worth’?  


Typically when we think about the ‘worth’ of something, we interchangeably substitute the word with ‘value’.   The TV show Pawn Stars is a huge hit, or at least in the states, and often times the customer will say, ‘I wonder what this item is worth, so I’ll take it in to get appraised’.  The employee of the store will often state the value is (x), based on appearance, condition, age, etc.  So there it is used interchangeably.  


But I want to give you a specific reason of why the word ‘worth’ is of such importance:  Worth can be defined as the equivalent in value to the sum of, or the value of a specified item.  


For the sake of the illustration, we’re going to focus on part A of the definition.  


So you asked yourself, what am I worth as a Christian?


Well, it’s quite apparent that you are worth equivalent in value to the sum of Jesus’ death.  You are worth Christ dying for you, your worth is infinite.  it is unearned, it is given from birth.  


Your worth to Christ cannot be bought, earned, or bartered for it is literally of infinite value, as Christ has made the ultimate investment in you by dying for your sins.  


Dare I proclaim that none of you should ever use the phrase, “I feel worthless”.  Christ died so that you could be filled with worth, so much worth that it would be eternally lasting, glistening and reflecting the almighty radiance of Jesus!



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