The truth of how we treat our loving God.

I’ll begin by posing a significant simple, but profound question:


What if we treated God as well as we treated ourselves?


This post will probably get very minimal likes, comments, shares, etc. due to the fact I probably just not only stepped on ones toes, but broke their foot!


Here’s where I think this will sort of…settle uncomfortably in your mind:  After a long hard-working day, what is your first thought? “Wow, I’m exhausted, I can’t wait to relax” or “I really worked hard today, I think I should go reward myself with a milkshake”.  Now, do not get me wrong, relaxing and milkshakes are AWESOME, but I believe the premise of our thought process isn’t one that’s manifested and built on a Christ-like foundation.  So how do we adapt to substituting our corrupt mindset to a mindset that follows that of Jesus?


“Wow, I am really exhausted, but praise God that I have the ability to____________”.  “Today was a really tough working day, but as long as it’s for God’s glory, that’s what matters!”  ….at this point, you’re like…said nobody ever, right?  But what if:  What if we loved God like we love ourselves.  What if we glorified God the way we glorify our own beings?  What if we gave back to God when we were at a state of achievement, rather than rewarding ourselves first?


Central theme:  What if we loved God the way we love ourselves?  Why is this guy reiterating this point over and over again?  Because this is what Jesus profoundly taught and commanded us to do:  1) Love God with all of our entirety.  2) Love everyone just as you love yourself.  


Not 2 and then 1.  Or not 2b (Love yourself) before 1.  No order other than the order that Jesus laid out for us.


Let’s start loving God and giving back to God, before we give back to ourselves, as it is God who made it possible to reach that plateau, and have that pinnacle of success!

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