Glorify God in all things!

The easiest thing in our society today is this:


Take credit, glorification, gratification, etc. in something that you do.  When someone tells you good job, what do you usually say?  “Thanks, I really worked hard to earn…_____”  Often times we lose sight in the fact that without God, none of that would have been possible.  Unfortunately, because we have this distinct propensity, it costs us greatly.  It does not just cost us, but it also was a contributing factor to what ultimately cost Jesus His life on the cross of us.  Our egotistic mindset that we are the owner of all things and all things done well are for our glory, and not that of our Father.



But let me threw you a curve-ball and ask ask you to think outside of the box:


Who let you wake up this morning?

How did you take that first breath?

What allowed you to earn that?

Why are you able to read this right now?


These are all very simple, fundamental questions that we neglect each and everyday on God’s green Earth.  But bare in mind, I believe that the answer to each of these questions is because God allowed us to, so with that being said: Does it not only make sense that if God allowed us to do something that God should get all of the glory and honor out of it?


It is not only logical, but Biblical as well.  So next time, let’s give our first (our best) to God, He is ultimately the one worthy of the honor and praise!

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