Everyone desires to be a superstar, but nobody is willing to help anyone get there:

Everyone desires to be a human superstar, but no one is willing to sit back and help one develop from prodigy to a star. The key to investing isn’t to better yourself, but pay it forward for one who couldn’t give you the same process in return. This sacrificial love consists of you lending your knowledge for free, with no expected payment in return, for no other reason than the love of Jesus. 

If nobody is willing to invest in anyone, Christianity dies tomorrow. The age of man is irrelevant, sharing wisdom amongst one another is how we can grow the Kingdom of God, in hopes to ultimately reaching more and more people who long to worship Jesus for His sacrificial love. I plead with you desperately, don’t just read the pages in the Bible, but live them as well.


Let’s raise leaders up for Christ, to not just better now, but to better the next generation!  In hopes that God takes this Earth by storm!

#Invest #Jesusdid #Quitmakingexcuses

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