1 Thing that most churches fail at:

Modern society has made distance acceptable:  What that statement actually means is that it’s suddenly okay to keep your personal distance from others, while anticipating or expecting growth within ones relationship.  Therefore, making distance a completely acceptable proposition.  Although that works, and it really does, because we will meet new friends on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and have an entire social commodity of people that we never actually meet.  If you are looking for a friend, that is okay, I mean isn’t that what a friend is for?  But where this is not okay is when churches become distance and expect distance to become acceptable.



Here’s why distance from a churches congregation to the leadership is unacceptable:


The one thing that churches get wrong, is this:


“If they wanted to come, they would just come”, “They’ll come eventually”, “I’ll wait until the next time I chat with them to bring up an invitation”, etc. Hopefully you’re getting the point of these lame excuses.  All of these excuses have one thing in common, distance, or an unwillingness to act proactively to achieve a common goal (creating distance).


You see, churches at its core, lose the main, fundamental purpose of a Christian lifestyle.  That of which is to be one thing, proactive for Jesus.  The easiest example is Jesus proactively going through the towns of Israel and spreading the Gospel, not just because He was spreading it to spread it, but because Jesus knew the purpose of urgency.  Jesus understood that with man, time is of the essence, time is a finite resource.  If you follow Jesus, the last thing that will come to mind is distance.  All throughout the Scriptures, time and time again, we get the sense of urgency, especially in the teachings of Paul, to just get it right and spread the Gospel for God’s glory and none other.  But the first thing we do is procrastinate any ministerial opportunity.  We fear rejection so much, because distance and rejection are like apples and oranges. 


To make this point really clear, if we follow the morality of all religious people in the world, there will be multiple common things.  However, one thing that separates Christianity apart from the other religions is the willingness to be proactive.  Other religions are clear and concise about the importance of being passive, but if we live our lives passive, we will reach zero people.  The key to understanding my point here is that if your church is being passive in opportunities to reach others, then your church is failing the mission Jesus called the Church to be.  Your church falls under the umbrella of The Church, thus supposed to be created in the image of The Church.  It should be a reflection of The Church, just as we are supposed to be a reflection of Jesus. 



To end on an encouraging note, I truthfully encourage all of you to find missional opportunities or outreach opportunities to find people who are de-churched or are unchurched.  These people are ones who may be longing to seek God, but do not have a door open to do so, you could be that light to show them the beauty and majesty of Jesus.  Do not just perform these actions on a macro-level with tons of people around, but this on a personal level, a micro-level as well.  The importance and intimacy of meeting someone one-on-one will always be a treat to anyone, just look at the story of Zacchaeus and how important Jesus eating a meal with him was.  How Jesus investing that time into him changed and transpired his life into something fabulous.  As The Church, we must be reaching people, we must be showing off God’s glory and bragging to the world about our ever-faithful Father!

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