3 Things Most Christians Miss out on when Reading the Bible:

My deepest and sincere encouragements to each and every one of you:


This blog will serve as an accountable, yet constructive way to illustrate what most Christians are missing out on when they read the Scriptures God created for us.


What Christians miss by skimming to the famous verses and/or passages:


1) Context –  Contextual information is by far the most important part of understanding the Scriptures.   Often times Christians will open the Bible to a random passage and begin to read, not understanding why the passage was there, and taking it for what they believe the interpretation to be.  This could not be any further from the truth, often times the context will actually be given in the Scriptures, but you must really study in order to find out that information.  By study, I mean to truly grasp the significance of who the writer is, their purpose for writing the passage, and who the message is going to.  One of the biggest examples I see, Paul is writing to the Ephesians and someone will read a verse and relate it back to themselves as if they were who Paul was meaning the message for.  However, Paul was writing to this Church of Ephesus, not you.  Paul intended the message for them, not necessarily you.  So it’s very important and instructional to understand who is writing, why they are writing, and who the message is going to.  If you can figure out those three things, you will find yourself digging for a lot more information and grasping the significance for what the writer meant for it to be, rather than what you believe it to be!


2) Meditation –  The importance of taking the Bible nibble by nibble could not be more prevalent than in todays society.  Our culture absolutely loves to take one word and turn that into something that is way out of proportion.  As you may know, often times the headline has nothing to do with the actual story itself, sadly.  It is crucial to take care of context first, then focus on your meditation.  Once you understand the significance of God’s direction when studying the Scriptures, the Holy Spirit will become your greatest teacher.  The Holy Spirit is open and available to us at any given moment, unlike Satan, the Spirit is omni-potent and always here for each and every single of us.  Through our faithfulness in reading the Scriptures, prayer and meditation, we allow the Holy Spirit to instruct us on the teachings of the Scriptures for what God intended them to be.  (This is the most important thing)  Our studies should be God-centered, not us-centered. 


3) Significance – At this point, I assume that you are starting to get the point, but the third point is far from redundant, albeit reiterating the other two, it is still extremely important.  By not only finding contextually significant pieces of information, meditating on those passages, we must still find the significance of reading the Scriptures thoroughly.  When we do not dive into a book from the very beginning of a book, nor finish the end of the story, we often miss the centralized theme of the book.  The greatest example would be the story of Job, if you just read the first few chapters you would close the book and say the dude was a Saint who would never curse God, well ever.  You would also think that Job’s buddies were there for him through the thick and thin, however both of those things could be further from the truth.  It is extremely important to study the Scriptures from chapter 1 verse 1 to the end of the book/letter.  This helps you understand and fully grasp the context, assists in meditation, so that God can show you, ultimately what the significance is!



God’s blessings to all:  

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