Christ on this day, ~2000 years ago was defeating death for you and I.

At this point, the people were completely confused…I assume at least.  They had just woken up from the tragedy they had watched Jesus be a victim of.  The people alas were dark, dumbfounded, and trying to figure out what to do next.  I can only assume that this day was a day of reflection.  A day that the disciples reflected on Jesus’ majesty, a day of reflecting and meditating to God as they did not understand the works of His Son.  We will never know the transparent minds of the disciples and other Jesus followers during this time period, but I can only assume…they were heartbroken.  The One they called King of the Jews had left them to fulfill something that none other could, so it was incomprehensible.  This day in history should be known for the bad dream that the disciples had woken up from, after seeing their leader killed in complete and utter agony.  Luckily, Jesus had forewarned them, but I still believe the reality would be setting in right about now.


I’m also certain this day was filled with doubt, doubting whether or not Jesus would come back.   Sure, that’s not what you want to hear, but it is human nature.  I faithfully believe that the disciples may have doubted the least, because they were forewarned, but the others whom followed Jesus may had simply had utter confusion on their mind.  As this act of grace is not logical, or even understandable, because the Honor involved with Jesus far surpasses any honor that man could perform.  The act of love and gratitude is one we can never thank our Savior for, but on this day…people were confused as Jesus’ body was still in the tomb.


But what they didn’t realize is….Sunday was coming.  Jesus was coming back to officially defeat death for anyone that chooses to believe in His name and only His name.  This day was difficult, but none of the suffering for His followers could amount to the suffering Jesus had taken in the day before.  But luckily for them, Jesus was coming back.  Jesus was coming back to tell them to build the Church and where to go.  What to do.  How to do it.  The love and grace of Jesus Christ was about to do the impossible.

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