We’re all guilty of this! – Nightly thought

We’re all guilty of this, every last one of us:

It is truly ironic how we all wrong God by waiting until the absolute last moment of our day to thank God for a day that we’ve already lived. Often times, it’s more like asking God to be a genie and give us what we need in material needs, rather than authentic prayer and supplication. We thank Him after we’ve lived the day to its fullest entirety. That’s like buying a popsicle and eating it all, then taking the stick back to the store and asking for a refund by claiming the popsicle wasn’t good enough.

Often times we do this with God, rather than thanking God in advance for merely blessing us with a day to be able to live, we pray at night and complain about everything that happened. Church, let’s take a different approach, let’s wake up and thank God for the day we’re about to live. Let’s thank God for the ability to have liberty and ability to breath on this precious planet He built for you and I. Let’s pay it forward to God, just as God paid it forward for us in Christ’s death and resurrection!

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