Thoughts on this Good Friday

God bless,


Today is the one of the most tragic days that our planet has ever seen, if not the most.  Sure, many were not killed as in events like 9/11, the Holocaust, Pearl Harbor, World Wars, but the One whom was persecuted ~2000 years ago….that death was tragedy.  But the most beautiful thing about God is that He can turn the worlds worst tragedy into the most beautiful blessing.  You see, the Romans were absolutely obliterating the Way, the Light, the One, the Son, the King, the Messiah, and God’s kin on this very day.  While we selfishly celebrate ‘Good Friday’ as a day off for observance, truthfully this day was very dark.  The day was brutal.  This day was incomprehensible.  Christ was on the cross asking His own Father…..why He had forsaken Him as He had.  Jesus was enduring more in one day, than we will in our entirety of human existence.  Because not only was Christ being beaten and not only was He killed, but Christ was innocent.  Christ died for everyone whom has ever existed and their sins!



But God…allowed Jesus to rise 3 days later, on Easter, just as Jonah was vomited from the whale 3 days later.  Jesus rolled the stone away and even today, the tomb is completely empty.  When Christ died, he died for us and our sins.  However, when He rose…Christ rose so that death could forever be defeated.  So that if you and I choose, yes we have liberty, we can obtain eternal life for a payment that someone else made for us!  Christ paid a price that you and I can never repay.


My thoughts to you tonight is to look at this in a different lens, look at it from Jesus’ perspective.  Gander and ponder on the facts and how Jesus spoke of the crucifixion, because the darkness involved with Christ on this day, will only ENHANCE the brightness that God has to offer you in eternity.  What God has to offer us in eternity is far greater than anything in this world, so take mind to Christ taking a beating offers you life insurance for eternity.  Life the lifestyle that our Father asks of us and boast HIS way above all other ways.  I write to you in love.  Christ be glorified by all things, in which Peter is so adamant about. When you begin to understand the depths of this precious sacrifice, you will begin to understand the divine love Christ has for us.

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