Church Misconceptions

God bless all:



A thought provoking ideal that came to my attention by the spirit this morning.



A Church can have as many services as they wish, but if they are not assisting in equipping, empowering, and encouraging others to grow on their own individual faith, the Church will fail. A relationship with Jesus trumps any physical body. #Churchmisconceptions

4 thoughts on “Church Misconceptions

  1. I recently changed churches because of this very fact.
    Thank you for bringing this up today.
    I was attending a congregation for years where I felt that we were all being molded into the same shape for the same purpose.
    It was suffocating.
    It was damaging my relationship with the Savior.
    I changed to a different congregation, of the same faith, and it was as if I walked into a brand new world.
    In this new church, the Pastor encourages us to participate in the discussions, he teaches us about the importance of our prayer life, and he believes that we all serve a unique purpose in the body of Christ and encourages us to discover what our part is, on our own, through prayer.
    My relationship with the Savior has been energized because he has taken the time to teach us how to find this relationship for ourselves, rather than spoon feeding it to us.


      1. God bless you in Utah! I pray that God blesses your Church more than you could ever imagine, so much so that He overwhelms all amongst you. Be faithful, He will never lead you down a wrong path!


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