Thought provoking blog: Eternal rewards>Worldly lifestyle

How often do you find yourself looking at your current situation wondering what you can do to be more successful?  Perhaps, you are like me and are a perfectionist, and you are constantly looking to better and better in everything you do.  There is nothing wrong with excelling and trying you hardest in everything you do, but the problem remains in your premise of why you do so.  Do you do so to boost the morale of yourself, others, or do you do so to glorify God?  The premise that lies within your reasoning of your perfectionism is what differentiates us from the world.  We have to remain humble and realize that no matter how high we are boosted in society, we are all the same.  Billy Graham is no holier than I am, yet he reached a ton more people.  God doesn’t see as numbers, like the rest of the world does, God sees as ones to fulfill a mission.  His mission.  We must be certain that eternal rewards are greater than the worldly lifestyle that we live.  Be humble, my friends.  God bless!






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