Fundraising – for my seminary education

Truthfully, God has blessed me more than I can ever imagined.  Over the course of two years, I have grown exponentially with His help.  I went from barely being able to read scriptures to now I teach them.  If anyone has came a long way spiritually, it is me.  As you blog followers know, I have decided to accept God’s calling to preach the Gospel.  I appreciate every single one of you for giving me a platform so that I can do something like this.  As most of you whom follow my blog know, because you are Christians, being a Christian and a Pastor are difficult things in life.  It is even more difficult when you are $20,000 in student loans from a degree you will never use, but God works like that.  So I am asking for those willing, a financial blessing, so that I can do everything I can to stay out of taking out any more student loans.  By assisting with my campaign, you will help me in so many ways.  If this blog has impacted you in any way, I ask that you pray about assisting me in my quest to reach the Gospel to all nations!  Jesus was quite adamant when telling us to pay it forward.


  1. Reach college student masses, in one year we have seen over 220 students come to know Jesus Christ.
  2. Provide financial support to an Honors Student.
  3. Allow me to maximize my abilities to reach and educate more people about the Gospel.


There are a variety of other ways that you assisting me, but an education on the Gospel of Jesus Christ is literally….priceless.  It is something that very few do have and fewer have the opportunity to do.  I am extremely blessed that God has called me into ministry for the rest of my life as a human.


So how can you help?


  • Follow the steps on this website :
  • Reblog this, share this, etc. Please!  Not for the sake of me.  But for the sake of Christ being able to maximize His ability to use me.  Publicizing my mission is solely what I am trying to do here, God will take care of the rest!


If you cannot financially give, please just pray for me, pray for all that I do.  I long to live a Christ filled life, I truthfully do.




If you have ANY questions whatsoever, please contact me via the form below!  If you leave your email address, I will address you directly as soon as I see the message.  If you are in America, you can leave your phone number and I would love to personally explain in much greater details on how your financial blessing can impact the lives of others!




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