Fruit for thought: We need a software update!

Often times we find ourselves attached to our smartphones, laptops, computers, tablets, etc.  That is the culture of today, we are technologically sound beings.  Our lives thrive off of the opinions of others and how others respond to everything that we do.  For example, currently I have WordPress open, FaceBook open, and a YouTube tab.  Now that may seem, small and subtle, but it’s almost like we wait for conversation or interaction to occur.  Our lives simply thrive on interaction and encounters.




The mere realm of reality is that we often see ourselves of the image of what others see us as.  Now this is sort of messed up, because we all are equally individually made by God and all are different.  God is so intricate that He made each of us, completely separate. Now so you’re curious…what’s the issue if we’re caught up in the image of what others see us as?  Well, what happened to the image that God made you to be?  There is a distinct difference between the person God made you to be and the person others see you to be.   Which are you more focused on?




You see the reason we take ‘selfies’ or those that do, is not so that we can see what we look like, but……….you guessed it! What others can see us look like!  The issue is that we lose our true identity in Christ when we do this.  You see, God, did not just make you individually and perfectly for you to only see the appearance of others, but so you would appreciate the image He gave you.  So to the initial point of the message, one misconception that truly lingers amongst the world.  Where our technological beings meets reality:




You see, we need to recalculate the way we see God for who God is!  You see the misconception is that we see God for who the world thinks He is and not for God himself says He is. This is an issue, friends, an issue that needs to be repaired.  We need a software update on our lives, an update that is irreversible.  An update to where we begin to see God for His glory and His love and His graciousness.  An update to our display to where the screen is indestructible and one to where we can reach the masses for His glory and His love and His graciousness.  We need to seek God for who God created God to be, not what man has turned God into!!!!





If you’re interested in supporting me as I try to pursue Seminary School, please click the link below: You can contact me directly through the form below and I can forward you a resume or any documentation that you would deem necessary!  God bless!



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