Conversation with a friend, you DONT WANT TO MISS

I recently had an incredible conversation with a good friend of mine.  Proving…that all things lead directly back to Christ. Both of us are believers and my friend was simply playing devils advocate in answering my questions from a humane point of view!



I started the conversation with :


Me: I don’t understand why people don’t realize that….the same God that was the God of the Old Testament….is the same God who reigns over us today

Friend: Hmmm

Me: Yeah, I mean it’s like God is loving, sure He is, but God is also fair and just. God used to send people to destroy cities, I mean God himself destroyed humanity almost once. But it’s like we don’t fear God any longer.

Friend: We don’t fear because we blame when we should fear.  Ya know?  Instead of “God why does this happen? Why did she die in the wreck?” Should be “God I trust that you know what you’re doing.  I may not like it but I know its your will!” -something like that

Me: Hm. Very interesting.  So rather than fearing, we have this state of denial, which results in accusing or turning the finger around on God?

Friend: We don’t blame Him, because it happens. That’s how we as man get into the bottom of the ship (Jonah reference) thinking God is bad or hates us.  Think of everyone that says, “Why God? What did ______ do to deserve this?  Why take them? Take me!” Or the “it’s your fault! God why are you so good, but kill people with this hurricane?  I thought you loved us”

Me: Very true. So rather than being obedient due to fear, we have this state of consciousness where we literally think we on God’s level? Per say?

Friend: Maybe not the same level, but question his actions not to fear, but to blame and attempt to bring Him down.

Me: Right, so we think we are on the same level, that if we actually think we’re strong enough to bring God down.  I agree with you.

Friend: A level to bring criticism in a sense

Me: Why do we have the audacity to criticize God, but don’t have the audacity to serve Him?

Friend: I’d say that its easier to criticize.  think of a general human.  Not overly an advocate for the Gospel, but not against it. Causal Christian, its easier to criticize than praise. If I say, “Chris you’re bad at _____” it makes me, subconsciously feel better, whether I realize it or not. Man doesn’t like to be humble, because we have egos.

Me: But what’s the reward for criticism? What’s the reward for obedience? I feel like it’s more needy ignorance than anything.

Friend: Feeling better about ones self, by bringing someone down is temporary.  Obedience is a lot higher and greater reward, but it requires being humble.

Me: Isn’t the ultimate irony here…God did bring someone down (in the sense of humility) to accomplish what none of our egos can.

Friend: He did

Me:  So if God already accomplished what our egos cannot accomplish, the purpose of our ego serves…what?  You see, it all comes back to God.

Friend: Not denying that.  I’d say it serves as a false sense of entitlement and status.

Me: Absolutely, which leads back to what? Square one. What does humility serve as? Eternal Rewards.


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