A Christian Review of, “Noah”, Now in Theatres:

Blessings to all!
The media has abominated the movie Noah, but as a believer in Christ…I assure you the movie isn’t as farfetched as the media claims.

Truthfully, I would give the movie a 9/10. None of the people of the media were there during the creating of the ark, thus you have no clue what God did. None of us have any clue what life was like…ten generations into the existence in the world.  The Bible is very ambiguous about the process, as it took over a 100 years.  Seriously…100 years.  It’s all open to interpretation and if you seriously abominate the fact there were rock people that represented angels, then you fully doubt God’s ability to do whatever he wants…whenever he wants to.  Also, the movie did an eloquent job of showing that once these ‘watchers’ performed their task, they were sent to Heaven, solidifying that the producer and director were, in fact, giving God glory!  Open your eyes and quit condemning people, not for me, but for the betterment of the Church in which God created us to be!

I’ll probably ruffle a few feathers, if I haven’t already, with this: Just because you personally don’t think something happened, doesn’t mean God couldn’t do it. Last time I checked, God is capable of all things. The writer merely, due to lack of contextual evidence in Scripture, explores a potential view point. A viewpoint that may or may not be correct. It’s simply exploration.

Also, the movie referred to God as the Creator and if that offends you, last time I checked God was called I am by Moses, himself. God has plenty of names, we do not know what the people referred to God as in those beginning generations. We have the slightest idea about the language they spoke, much less their name for God.  We refer to God as Father, Lord, Savior, Yahweh, and other names.  Truthfully, we don’t even call Jesus by His actual name!  We call him by the English version of His name.  So it’s like…if you’re nit-picking that much, then your heart isn’t obviously in the right place.  You’re worshipping yourself rather than God, and your pride has taken over every ounce of your body.  Truth hurts, but I don’t believe Jesus would exactly condone the way some are acting here and rightfully so:  Just because it was written on the internet, doesn’t make something true or entirely true.  You have to do investigative work yourself in determines the purpose.  I suggest prayer and to investigate with prayer, so that then you can give people a credible Biblical, one that’s objective, and not a biased subjective viewpoint.

As Christians, how about opening our minds a little and not demonizing someone because of their atheistic beliefs. Sure you disagree with their thought processes, but I’m sure Jesus wasn’t exactly fond of the way Matthew and the tax collectors went about their business…how did that work out?  The very reason nobody wants to be a part of the Church and with God, this is solely because we have created this proclamation of segregating anyone who doesn’t believe the way we do. If we continue to condemn those without ever giving them a shot, we will NEVER REACH ANYONE.  And reaching those is our one calling. Try living as Jesus did, loving and accepting people, rather than condemning them before giving them a shot. This is the exact thing Christ did for YOU.

Rant finished. God bless. Keep your eyes on Jesus, not the media.

One thought on “A Christian Review of, “Noah”, Now in Theatres:

  1. Have you ever heard of the Epic of Gilgamesh? Well, it’s identical to the Genesis flood bedtime story… but written about 2 to 3 thousand illusory-like years before the handbook of predictive programming called the ‘Old Testament’ started its circus show.

    ‘Utnapishtim’ became the flood hero ‘Noah’ in the newer version.

    By the way friend, predictive programming is found in ditties, myths, songs, shows, art, movies, science, and religion. The subtle messages program the subconscious mind, nudging you to focus on an event, so as to increase its probability it’ll occur in the ‘future’. One who experiences the event thinks it’s a natural occurrence, instead of recognizing it to be as staged as the Ginsu Knife sales pitch.

    There’s a coastal water event that is being planned by those who are directing both mainstream and alternative media. Since most carnival patrons don’t control their attention, it’s highly likely it just might occur.

    The arc of angles assists in creating the perception of ‘things’. In essence, the ArcAngel is the ‘Arc of Angles’ (created by the mixing of the 3 energies that are subjectively interpreted as colors red green blue when they come together to make the first Hexagram).

    An Archon creates using Angles.

    The arc of archeology brings the illusory-like past and presents it as real to those in the present.

    The arch connects duality, and presents it as one. Two bull horns of bull.

    The ark is the arc of electricity that El-ectrifies, and provides what is wrongly thought of as ‘life’. All brought to you by Elhohim (the Elected Hebrew name for God).


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