Nightly reading: What if………..

God bless!  Hope all are well, I wanted to raise a question that each of us faces every single day.



What if…


What if I do this instead of that?

What if I don’t do this because of that?

What if this happens because I do this or that?

What if questions taunt us into believing things that are not try, probable, or sometimes even possible.  Those types of questions provoke doubt into our minds and literally eat at our own confidence.  With that being said, how do you deal with these ‘what if’ questions in regards to spirituality and with God?



  1. Pray – Talking to God about anything is never a bad idea.  As a matter of fact, rather than your friends or whomever, I would seek God first.  Jesus, Himself, dealt with temptation and never gave in.  He would be the one to seek, see Hebrews 2.
  2. Use common sense – this may seem like an incredible simple answer, but if you are thinking some ridiculous thing that has 0% probability of occurring, you should probably just quit thinking that. Perhaps, this even applies to inviting someone to Church, but what if they say no….well then they say no, at least you tried!
  3. Continue to pray over a period of time – if this is a life changing type ‘what if’ question, really fast on the thought and pray for a long period of time.  Let God reveal in His time on what you should do.  Maybe the decision is about ‘what if’ I move here or there!
  4. Use wisdom – sure, using logic and the Bible typically do not go hand in hand, but again, if you’re torn between buying a brand new Lambo or a Ford and the ‘what if’ is financial…simply use wisdom.
  5. Seek help from others – I would resort to this one if you’re really struggling on making out what God has intended for you in this decision making process.



To sum of it up, the reason that you have these ‘what if’ questions are out of fear or uncertainty.  As humanity, we like to always be certain that (x) will happen if we do (y) and when something doesn’t work out precisely that way…we fret.  My greatest advice to you when you are dealing with ‘what if’ questions is to first seek God and always seek God in all that you do, regardless of the size.  But sometimes God puts people in your life so that you can gain wisdom from them, to sharpen yourself.  So first seek Him then seek man.

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