Fruit for thought: Not your ordinary thought!

God bless all! Continued thanks to you all whom view this blog.  It is an absolute admiration of God that people are viewing this worldwide!  I thought I’d just share a few thoughts from my day!



Spiritual maturation isn’t carried by chronological birthdays, but rather a measure by your obedience to God.  An infant can only be fed by another person without it getting messy.  It is not until the infant becomes a toddler and begins practicing feeding themselves do they grow, even if it gets messy and is not effective.  That practice and time spent with God will allow Him to mold you into the one He wants you to become.  Such spiritual maturation comes only through your personal encounters and time spent with God.  A person who experienced salvation fifty years ago, could be less spiritually mature than someone saved a year ago, due to the lack of interaction with God in their alone time.  Seek God in all that you do.

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