How to bring the Kingdom together for His glory!

Good morning guys and gals!  I hope that you’re all doing absolutely fantastic.  Recently, I have been given the opportunity to speak the Gospel in a few places and I am in awe of the work of God.  However, to most people they will say, “Great job, you were fantastic”.  But as a minister of the Gospel, God has to continue to humble me and have this thought….if Jesus was in the crowd, would He approve.  As son, you are seeking the approval of Him and not man.  Obviously, thus if Jesus would be proud, then man needs to hear it!
So here’s my plea to humanity:   May we swallow the pride instilled within and allow the Kingdom of God to come together for His glory. So that we may all serve and operate as one body, God’s Bride. May we instead of proclaiming hatred amongst one another, be infiltrated with the same grace that God gave each and every one of us by dying for our inadequacies and transgressions. Let us all join hands and work together in advancing the world back to living for God.




Let us, Christ followers, throw our differences aside and work towards the common good. God, help us to fulfill Your perfect Will in all that we do. If we put aside those differences and listen to You, God, we are capable of turning this world back to following You. As You know, we cannot do this alone. May each and every one us find one to witness to and become our own Timothy. One person at a time, with Your help Father, this world can be on fire for You again!



If you think of the multiplication process that would occur if we did as the Apostle Paul did by taking on Timothy, and not just Timothy, but others as well.  But here’s what the Church is missing today, serving God is NOT an option but a command.  We are too stagnant within our approach in today’s society.  Thus, because of our differences, we often bicker, fight, and fail to communicate amongst denominational differences.  How pathetic is that, frankly, that all of us are serving the same God….but segregating God’s people.  It’s hilarious, because the Bible in James, specifically tells us to not segregate God’s people.  Let us forget about what Version of the Bible we read, let us throw aside our denominational beliefs (which often are just minor theological thoughts) and advance the Kingdom of God.  If you’re so arrogant to where you won’t swallow your pride to serve the God who gave you breath to read this, that’s on you.  Let us quit ridiculing God and His people and serve Him to the greatest of His ability!  Together.  All UNIFIED.

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