Nightly tip: Seek God before man

God bless all of you!


I wanted to give you a tip as you go about your night –

I want to open by posing this question:


What if we actually showed love to the ones we deem ‘unrighteous’, rather than condemning them at first glance? What if we treated others like God has treated us?

God gave everything up, because He loved us.  So do you not believe that if we are truly seeking God, that we would seek to help man, whom is God’s creation too?  Jesus literally died on the cross and arose three days later, defeating death, and because He truly loved us!  But before Jesus died, He told us that all the rules and moral concepts can be narrowed down to two commandments!

1) Love God with all of your heart, mind, soul, spirit, and self

2) Love others as you love yourself


So seek God first, and then seek others, God will show you how to minister to those others whom are on your mind!  Let’s quit being lazy and seek those people out who society deems unreachable! Let’s turn them over to Jesus, so Jesus can do His thing.  Let’s not lose sight on the beauty of Heaven in it’s majestic self!  So let’s seek God before man!

God bless!

3 thoughts on “Nightly tip: Seek God before man

  1. Yes, we are to be in the world but not of it….but we must be wise as bad company corrupts good morals. There is a difference between befriending the wicked to share Christ and His love and participating in their evil deeds.

    We love because He first loved us. And it’s His kindness that leads all to repentance.

    May Jesus bless you abundantly!


    1. Absolutely, that’s why we seek God before man. If we seek our Father and He puts them on our hearts, we are to go serve. God will provide us with wisdom, guidance, and grace so that we may show them the joy of having been born again! If we fail God by not serving the lost, then they will never have the opportunity to see God. Often times we forget that someone actually invited us to Church for the first time also.

      God bless you! Thanks for the comment


      1. YES! I wholeheartedly agree! How will they hear unless someone preaches the gospel to them? GO!

        Heaps of God’s blessings upon you!


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