Why the misconceptions of Christianity will always linger, if we don’t change!

God bless you guys and thanks so much for the continued support!  I have truly been encouraged, but this also serves as an accountability partner as I know several of you have contacted me wanting to do your group studies through this blog.

The more I learn about Jesus, the more I cringe at my previous actions. The more I cringe, because even as Christians; we don’t live like Jesus at all. But hey, we’re not perfect, so it is difficult.  But after all, we have the Bible to guide us in our walk with God, so we really should do a lot better than we do. We often do what is socially is acceptable, because we FEAR the way we would be perceived when speaking to one who isn’t of God’s children (see fear blog). We think that because we speak to that “unreached” person, someone will frown upon our actions.  So much so that we will even neglect their need! Which is Christ, the Ultimate need in life! We need to go out and befriend those who are “bad” or “frowned upon” people in society, otherwise…none will ever reach them. If you fear the perception of those in society who are making condemnations, then while you’re at it…go reach the people who are making those same assumptions! Those self-proclaimed Christians on Sunday, but spending their entire Friday in a bar somewhere getting wasted. We all need Christ’s help and clarification in what we do.

Why is this? Why is it we allow our PRIDE to get involved so easily?


This is because politically and socially, Christians are considered what…Conservative. And Christians always have been considered conservative. Conservative is defined below:

keep right
Conservative – Holding to traditional attitudes and values and cautious about change or innovation, typically in politics or religion.

Look, I’m not saying that being Conservative is wrong, but what I am saying is be careful of the trap that you fall into.  When you allow your politics to control your relationship with Jesus and not vise versa, you’re walking a VERY scary line.  Where it’s okay to go to Church, but have to follow the ways of the Physical Body of the Church and not the very person who built it in Jesus. This is where the Church and people within it start to prove those connotations to be correct.  This is where ‘real’ issues start to arise.  I wanted to clarify myself, before all of you started bashing me for saying being Conservative is bad.  It’s not bad, but be careful the line that you walk.  Jesus > Politics.  Politics < Jesus.  It’s never the other way around. Which would you rather define you, Politics or Jesus?  I’ll take the creator over the created.


Whenever we take that same mindset into our religious lives, that conservative mindset, we neglect the very ones in our own grasp that need Jesus.  It is those same religious people who turned on Jesus on got him killed, in case you were curious. So next time you don’t speak to that person, because they’re not “Christian” or “Conservative”, remember those are the very same people that you need to come to terms with, so we can let others experience God’s amazing Grace!  That one conversation could be the one thing that determines whether or not they ever encounter salvation.  What hate could seriously want you to deter them from experiencing Heaven?  If you do have that severe hatred, you need to get right with God!  If someone condemns you for it, explain how Jesus actually did this during His life! Explain how you’re living more like Jesus, rather than the opposite. It takes two minutes to tell the story of Zacchaeus or any of the other stories where Jesus befriends sinners. So instead of neglecting those people who aren’t God’s people or bashing them before their very eyes, consider the implications of living with…knowing you rejected an opportunity to show someone how to experience God’s wonderful grace.  The consequences of your conscience of knowing that you could have ministered to someone and when they die, you have no idea if they accepted Jesus or not.  That’s tough.  Really tough.  Unless, as the body, we stand up to society, the misconceptions of the Church and Christianity will always linger.  Let’s quit our little games and follow the ways of Jesus and Him alone!!!!  What do ya say?  Join me in helping His Kingdom be known, so that we can love on all people!  As we are all in this together, being God’s children and trying to reach all that we can.

AHH I LOVE GOD with all that I have.

Thank you for taking the time to view my blog, if you have any questions, comments, etc please feel free to comment or contact me below!  I have been receiving a lot of inquiries lately, so I would love to see what I can work on or even to be encouraged!  As always, feel welcome to Reblog, share via social media, or do as you wish.  As believers, we are all in this together!  Let’s use WordPress as a medium to reach the lost in every nation in the world!  God bless and thanks again!

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