I epitomize the journey the Church is made for…I’m ‘that’ guy.

May God’s amazing grace be bestowed upon you!

Before I begin, I would like to let you know that I firmly believe being transparent is the best way to help others in their own situation.  Viewer discretion is advised, blunt force trauma is about to come your way.  Of the hundreds that read this, I am sure that some of you have had this same issue.  As for some of you,  you will read this and begin some ridiculous judgement against me…because you don’t actually read the entire thing!  Then most of you, will understand the purpose, because you will finish.

Have you ever met ‘that’ guy, you know him, the one who always has SOMETHING to say about…well everything.  The same guy who gravitates people to him, yet does not seem like he knows where he is going.  To simply put this, he has serious people skills, and you never see him in a dull conversation.  The gift of gab, if you will.  I’m that guy…and for many years, the whole ‘always having an opinion’ thing never worked out too well, but because I was so certain in my beliefs, people latched on who didn’t quite have the same level of belief in their own system.  Due to this blessing/curse, I use to sit in my room and think of all the reasons against something.  It was almost as if I was always looking for a debate and trust me, I always had the perfect comeback, and that carried some pride within me.  It was almost like a competition every time someone disagreed with me.

Here is where the whole ‘Church’ thing comes into play, I was the guy who dissed the Church.  I was the guy who believed my own self-growth and studying the Word was sufficient enough.  So much that when I would watch 50+ sermons a week from Pastors nationwide, I gained this in-depth knowledge and felt like the physical Church location was merely for specific individuals who had had a void to fill.  Yeah, I was ‘that’ arrogant.  Matter of fact, I was so against the physical location of the Church, that I was almost in fear going to it.  But this is every ‘unchurched’ or ‘dechurched’ guy, right?  This is the story for every egotistical maniac who believes something after they tell themselves it for a elongated period of time. I had seen all of the hypocrisy that people were gossiping about, I had seen all of the lies, the talking behind ones back, etc.  I had seen it all.  To be truthful, the Church it felt less Godly than anything else on the planet.  That will probably ruffle a few feathers amongst my blog viewers, but truthfully that is exactly how I felt.  But this is because I had fallen into the same trap society had fallen into…that because my Pastor wore a suit, I was a bother to him if I tried to contact him.  If my Pastor stood tall above everyone, you did not have the ‘access’ to speak to him.  Sadly, the last two statements were true, I seen too often that a Pastor would be too busy for his people.  But just because society tells me that the typical church is that way, doesn’t mean that it has to be that way.  Why couldn’t I have stepped in to help a fellow brother or sister in Christ?  Oh, I was too busy being intimidated by the mantra that is associated with this physical location. How foolish of me, thankfully Jesus died to save for idiotic things like that in which I have partaken in.  So that was me until about my high school/college age.

One day though, I was reading through the Book of James (located in the Bible) and I started to feel very heavily convicted for all of those thoughts.  I started to read about how our modern day Church is very little like the Church that was initially begun by these pioneers.  I mean, if ANYONE would know besides Jesus on what the Church should look like, it would be his little brother.  So my next question was…why does the same Bible that these Churches follow say this and the majority of them lack in following?  It was that very question that the Holy Spirit laid upon my heart, in which led me to really get to know the purpose of the Church.  It was that question that led me to know that I was meant to assist in the restoration of the Church that Jesus himself built back in the day.  I started to have these thoughts of, would anyone really love on a homeless man if he walked into a Church?  I mean, the people at Church, do realize that Jesus spent a majority of His life homeless…right?  So if Jesus came to visit, would they even let Him in?  All of the questions alike began overwhelming me and so I started to write all of my thoughts down, that would be the first sermon I ever wrote.  I wanted one thing.  The Church Jesus built to thrive with every ounce of my flesh, blood, spirit, soul, and mind.  My walk with God was faithfully and exponentially growing before my very own eyes.  But let’s be honest, I still had this opinion problem, where I felt like I had to have an answer to every single problem.

In time, God really worked with me and healed my opinion issue.  But most importantly, about three or four years later, God had GIVEN me the opportunity to fully serve the Church, the same church that I had chastised my entire life.  I had really overcome all of my negative affections and thrown out the connotations involved with the Church.  I was, for the first time, feeling so blessed by God.  I had the opportunity to actually help and teach others.  I had the opportunity to show people answers in the Gospel!  My life had literally hit a pinnacle, God had began using my life for His ultimate purpose.  It was then, where my opportunity to serve the Kingdom had started.  I began to understand more and more that the Church was not a ‘museum for the good people’, but rather ‘a hospital for the broken’.  That, like Paul, boasting in weakness…is what we do best and what draws us to the Lord.  It all started to click, and click it did.  The Church, now, had me at ‘hello’. Jesus was like ‘I told you so’.  Once I began to serve and devote a lot of my time to the Church, I began to see others being blessed by ministries, ministries that weren’t even the one I was a part of and I took such great joy in that!  I began to understand the role that the Church plays in society, but like everyone else, I had the slightest clue early on.  But in fact, it was me that the Church was made for.  I was broken.  I was in need of my Savior.  I wanted to learn how to boast in my weakness.  I began epitomizing the exact person who begins their own restoration in the Church.  I’m ‘that’ Guy now also.  I’m ‘that’ guy who will give 90 hours to helping others, if it would be my way and be attainable.  God has turned my hardened solo heart into a heart for the lost.  God has blessed me immensely and because of this blog, I am encouraged each and everyday that the ‘real’ Church (body of God) is alive and well!  I am encouraged because there are people who were like me, transformed each and every day for God’s Kingdom!

God has delivered me from a lot over the course of the past 7-10 years, but the most amazing thing is the avoidance of the Church.  The fact that I now serve on a staff at my local Church, still today blows me away.  The fact that I will begin Seminary school for my Masters degree in the Fall….BLOWS ME AWAY. Don’t get me wrong though, I battled my calling for a while, but God has assured it within me and now I’m going after it! God has transformed my heart and let it be known TO YOU that if He can do such miraculous works in my heart, He can in yours as well.  I’m now going to be ‘that’ guy on the stage in front of the people, and my Church will follow the ways of the Scriptures and not of society.  God has called me to help rehabilitate the physical structure of the Church, so that we (his children) can ultimately fulfill our purpose in reaching as many people as possible!  So how about you join me, blog family, in helping the Church be restored to the way that Jesus made it and the way God intended it when it was created!  How about instead of giving the odd-ball the stink eye, how about inviting him over for dinner.  Let us follow the ways of Jesus and not the ways of society.  Join me and let’s make HIS KINGDOM KNOWN!

Thank you for taking the time to view my blog, if you have any questions, comments, etc please feel free to comment or contact me below!  I have been receiving a lot of inquiries lately, so I would love to see what I can work on or be encouraged!  As always, be sure to Reblog, share via social media, or do as you wish.  As believers, we are all in this together!  Let’s use WordPress as a medium to reach the lost in every nation in the world!  God bless and thanks again!

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