God, I thank You for life. Unfortunate reality in our sociological culture.

First and foremost, God I thank You for life.  I thank You for the ability to wake up and brush my teeth everyday, being able to fully walk, and I thank You for the small things that almost everyone takes for granted (i.e clean drinking water).

01 Thank you God

Additionally, I cannot speak for your specific geographical area, but I can speak for us in America.  Often times in America we take 99.9% of things for granted.  We have this severe propensity to only acknowledge thanks for something when ___ (insert thing) has been taken away from us.  Here is the primary example:  We do not even think about the electricity that we are blessed with every second of every day, but I assure you the first time it goes out; we will be thanking God for the fact that we have it!  So in our society, we feel it is only necessary to thank the creator only when something has been taken away from us.  Take a minute and digest the fact that……your lungs don’t just magically work on their own, it is God.


Friends around the globe, this type of lifestyle is an exponential escalation downward to corruption.  Society tells us: thank God for all the major blessings, but everything else is whatever.  Now honestly, how messed up is that?! How corrupt is our mindset, for us to seriously think that we are capable and responsible for the fact that we can brush our teeth each and every day.  Let me give you something…God breathes life into us, NEWSFLASH, without breath you could not brush your teeth even. Without breath we are incapable of anything, literally ANYTHING.  That is why, regardless of the magnitude of significance, we are to ultimately glorify God and give Him glory in all that we do!  Henceforth, we must focus on that fact all things are blessings from God to us, and we must give God thanks for all things.  As in Genesis 1, He did create all things!


Our lives are merely unsustainable alone, as we unable to do the fundamental things like breathe, walk, etc.  So I beg you to walk through your day today with a new set of eyes, a lens that looks directly to what you should be thanking God for.  The small things and the large things.  If you begin to focus and create an atmosphere of thanks surrounding God, you will then realize how much God truly loves you.  That unconditional focus will then transpire into a spiritual revival amongst your own life. That level of understanding will result in a focus that is sustainable!  The sustainability of God is one that we cannot fathom, due to the maximum size and beauty.


You see, we alone, are literally incapable.  So incapable that we should throw the word individual out of the dictionary.  Even God Himself, is a community.  Even God, the most sustainable being that graces the cosmos, is not an individual.  God is so certain of the inability of sustainable living as an individual, that Himself is not one.  (see chart above)  So what’s the point here?  I ask you to follow the ways God has set for us in His scriptures, to stop walking on the fence of thanks.  Be certain of giving thanks to God for all things.  Quit following the world and starting following the Word.

To close, do you want to follow the ways of the created or the Creator?

God bless,

Love you guys!

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