What Encompasses as Fresh in God’s Eye

Good evening all:

Do you spend time trying to look nice everyday?  Some may call it “fresh”, basically slang for looking stylish, hip, or plainly nice.

I ask that you start to think about how “fresh” you look in God’s eye.  When you’re in public, do you reflect God’s radiant light or do you curse at the guy who cuts in front of you while driving?  Regardless of being along or in public, we should walk, talk, and live as if Jesus were walking along side us.  It’s vital that we understand that God is with us every single moment of the day, so we should be acting like His presence LITERALLY non-stop and infinite, because well, it is!

  1. God’s always listening
  2. God’s always walking with you
  3. God’s always there for help
  4. Never feel ashamed to ask for God’s help
  5. Grasp God infinitely being with you

If you can understand and grasp those concepts, I believe that it will change your actions, reactions, word choices, or even the actions of your peers.  I challenge that you really take a heavy heart and fathom God always having a presence with you, similar to if you’re walking with a friend rather than yourself.

So how about we try looking ‘fresh’ in a Godly perspective and rocking His personality that comes with such grace and mercy.  Here’s why being a child of God is not just a Sunday thing, but a lifestyle thing.

Exodus 20:7, talks about how we are not to take the Lord’s name in vein, which is pretty obvious.  However, when we are baptized and saved, we are filled with the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit.  Thus, we make a commitment to take the Lord’s name in all that we do, regardless of when or where; so it may become a lifestyle!  Take time to meditate on exactly where you stand with God, because maybe you’ve never been actually saved.  I tell you that not to scare you, but to provoke thought patterns on whether or not you’re doing all you can do to glorify God.  Because taking the Lord’s name in vein isn’t just about saying curse words or ‘oh my God’, but its actually your actions as well.  When you become saved, you are unequivocally a child of God’s, and God has freed you from what the world has to offer in humanity.  Thus, by taking His name in salvation, your actions become a part of Him.  So take time to think about your status with your actions, not just your speech.

Always be comforted that no matter where you are in life, God will forgive you for anything.  God will help deliver you from anything, if you allow Him to work in you.  So what do you say?  Let’s get fresh in God’s estimation, not in the worlds.  Let’s get that makeover that allows us to reflect a light way more radiant than the Sun.  But that we reflect, not the star the Sun, but the Son of God whose light is so radiant that it can outshine any darkness!

Blessings to you all!

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