“Why I hate religion, but love Jesus” – Jefferson Bethke

One of the best videos I’ve ever seen, it helped alter and transform my knowledge for Christ. It begged myself to go deeper, because society says He’s wrong; but society isn’t always correct. God is.

The video not only encouraged me to go deeper into the Word, but it enabled me to gain motivation to ultimately find out the true meaning of what Christianity is, in all of it’s various forms.  The significance of understanding the Gospel is so blatant in a society filled with such hatred, like there is today.  That if we are able to be a hospital for the broken, God would be able to glorified again in this wonderful nation of the U.S of A and wherever you are!  I hope that you find this video empowering and that you may seek the Spirit of God rather than humanity, as humanity is corrupt with distorted vision.

Jefferson also have a book out, that is absolutely fantastic!  It’s titled: Jesus > Religion and can be purchased at any of the major retailers.  That would be a book that I would most definitely encourage for up and coming small groups who are looking for a solid study.  But most importantly, as Christians and the bride of God, we must seek God fully for His face and not others.  We, ultimately, have a golden purpose to show the world who Jesus is.  This video begs us to grasp more and more understanding of who Jesus is, rather than what Church has taught Jesus to be.  I hope this reaches you with peace and wisdom.  We are to go to all towns, cities, states, countries, and continents of the world with His Gospel.  Let us use WordPress as a medium in getting the gospel out to the world!  I am praying for each and every one of you guys!


Please feel free to leave a comment, feel free to share the blog, etc.


I am so blessed by the statistics; as I can see God is even using a blog to reach people of nations that I am incapable of reaching.  Father, my trust is without boarders, I will do whatever you call me to do.  I love You, Father, with every ounce of my heart, soul, and mind.  I thank You for all Your many blessings and empowering Jeff to put up a video that would radically assist me in my journey of getting to know Your Son better and better each day, ultimately leading to me telling others about Jesus.


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