God will reveal His plan for your life, in His due time! Feeling stagnant? Maybe this is for you.

Good evening all:
Reading through Jeremiah, this is about to get real!
“Before I shaped you in the womb, I know all about you.  Before you saw the light of day, I had holy plans for you:
A prophet to the nations- that’s what I had in mind for you.”  …
But I said, “Hold it, Master God!  Look at me.  I don’t know anything. I’m only a boy!”
God told me, “Don’t say, ‘I’m only a boy.’ I’ll tell you where to go and you’ll go there.  I’ll tell you what to say and you’ll say it.  don’t be afraid of a soul.  I’ll be right there, looking after you.”   -Jeremiah 1:5-8

I’m not quite sure about you, but when I read that….I am in awe, I am in awe of the fact Jeremiah and God had that ‘moment’ where the vivid vision was pure and authentic!  So often you and I think that God is supposed to just magically show us our future and miraculously everything goes perfect.  It is as if we expect God to literally open our eyes and suddenly we can fulfill His will and everything is good. Perhaps, but it doesn’t quite work like that!

I have no clue where you are in your life, I know that there are people that view this blog in places like Uganda, Paraguay, Tanzania, Russia, etc.  so I cannot honestly speak to where you are:  But here is where I am,  God is practically revealing things in my life over short spans of times.  I am an extremely impatient person as I like to get things done in the most effective, yet most correct way possible.  I am a “time” management critique if you will, I attempt to maximize my time in all that I do.  With that being said though, when dealing with God I get this…urge to be impatient and wonder why God hasn’t given me some vivid detailed description of what my life holds.  So God always has to hit me upside the head and tell me over and over and over again that….it is not MY WILL, but HIS WILL and that it’s HIS way and no other.  When I am ready, He will reveal this to me.

Here’s the beautiful thing, lately God has slowly been revealing things to me and things that I could have never imagined.  God is opening doors that I could have never imagined been opened.  But God continuing to bless me isn’t the point I’m writing to you today, the point that I’m writing to you today is: God will tell reveal His Will in His due time.

Let me get a question in here:  How often do you find yourself making decisions that will infinitely impact your life?

– Consequently, each and every day we make decisions that literally alter our lives; whether it’s a good or bad infinite decision that is sort of up to us.  But it is very easy, because we have so much power, to do things without really considering the consequences.  Perhaps it’s something such as taking a drink of alcohol or maybe it’s even just binge eating.  These decisions will forever impact the detriment of your life.  Believe it or not, if turned habitual, they will impact generations forever that come after your life via your family.  God has given us enough rope to hang our selves with, so to speak, but the reality is that God is always at the end of the rope, God is always tugging back on us letting us know that our shortcomings are wrong.  This is called our conscious.  This innate instinctive fresh perspective that tells us from when we are children whether something is right or wrong.  It’s an amazing thing God programmed into our brain, isn’t it?  Or are you reading this and of the impression that there isn’t a God?  If so, why?  If so, how?  If so, explain how that a study was done that 95% of 12 month old children understand the concept of right and wrong by performing a play with stuffed animals and the children always chose the good guy to play with?  Explain how there’s this sense of what is acceptable by the majority of society and how it’s so defined that societies for generations used to actually live by those defaults!   You see, typically we make decisions knowingly or unknowingly based on this conscious that God has programmed into us…this is why cultures around the world typically have the same value system.  Here’s another nugget – have you ever noticed that worldwide we have the EXACT same facial expressions?  Have you ever noticed that every person when they’re sad…cries.  Every person when they’re happy…they smile?  When something tastes sour they scrunch their face?  These are literally things that are universal and that were built into our very being, I am sure God has something to do with that.  We’re able to communicate so fundamentally with every human based on our facial expressions, absolutely amazing.  I am not one to believe in coincidence, or one to believe that these multiple similarities could be that of a coincidence.
Here’s where I’m getting at!  God creates us ALL in His own image, God gives us power to do as we choose on this planet.  We have the freedom and liberty to do so.  But I bet that 99.9% your conscious tells you one thing and you do the other without even taking into consideration the consequences.  Have you ever thought that…well maybe God was speaking to you?  Let me rephrase that…would Satan ever tell you the morally correct thing to do?  It’s just a thought, well a rhetorical fact if you will.  Next time, instead of being disobedient, give it a shot and see God out.  After all, He is kind of control of everything, yeh?
In our obedience God lends opportunity, God lends support, and with true faith in Him God will forever love and be faithful to us to a fault.  God will always leave us speechless, although we cannot ever pay Him back for the sacrifice that He made for us, yah the one where He sent His only Son to the cross in order for us to have a relationship with Him.  The magnitude of that is surreal, it is…ridiculous, illogical, and unbelievable.  But God had a choice between His Son or His creation and remarkably He chose to save us forever.  So that our debt would forever be paid.  Now if that isn’t good news, I am unsure as to what is!

After showing such obedience and faith, God will begin preparing you for where He wants you to be.  It will be a process, it will be slow moving, but God’s Will is of the upmost importance…not our pride.  As you continue to follow the steps that God has laid out for us in His amazing Book, The Bible, He will slowly reveal in time what exactly He wants out of you.  But here’s what the difficult part happens and this is the part that I currently reside in.

Our view of persistence is God’s view of patience:  Let me clarify that for you one more time, the persistence (perpetual movement towards progress) is God’s view of patience (slow mowing faith).  You see we use patience as an excuse, ‘I’m just waiting on God to tell me what to do’.  Have you ever thought that in order to achieve faith that you must blindly walk right into what you are supposed to do?  Almost as if God moves you…for you, so that you do not have to?  Yeah, God is pretty crafty like that:  It’s the state that I am currently in, God is revealing very slowly what I am supposed to do in my life for Him, but blessed be known God ultimately will make that decision for me.  I will follow His commands.  I understand that more than likely I’m not going to have a moment like Jeremiah and God had, but I am sure that God will lead me and be my shepherd!   God will give me the strength, wisdom, experience, and the for thought of what it takes to do whatever He asks of me.

So my entire point of writing this peace was to give a logical progression of what it’s like to experience something like I am currently experiencing, rather than something as obvious as Jeremiah, because it is so easy to become discouraged when God doesn’t just flat out tell you all the details…it’s like He just leaves you hanging.  However, that’s just your pride and perception!  God is always using you in ways that you could never imagine.  Do not be discouraged God is always with you, friend.

 In His time, He will reveal to us: Do not lose sight of our one mission on this planet! -BRING GLORY TO THE ONE WHO CREATED US.

I continued to reiterate the same point over and over again, but only because it was intentional.  It is so vital that we not be discouraged and that we understand God has a plan for our life.  God is so good, to those who faithfully love Him.
Thanks for the constant support, God bless you all and I love you!

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