Generosity and where it plays a role in Christianity: From Jesus himself.

Someone needs to hear this:

Jesus went on to tell a story to the guests around the table.  Noticing how each had tried to elbow into the place of honor, he said, “When someone invites you to dinner, don’t take the place of honor.  Somebody more important than you might have been invited by the host.  Then the host will come out and call you out in front of everyone saying, “You’re in the wrong place.  This place belongs to another man.  Red-faced, you’ll have to make your way to the very back, the only place left.  When you’re invited to dinner, go and sit at the last place.  Then when the host comes he may very well say, ‘Friend, come up to the front.’ That will give the dinner guests something to talk about!  What I’m saying is, if you walk around with your nose in the air, you’re going to end up flat on your face.  But if you’re content to be simply yourself, you will become more than yourself.”

This next part is the kicker! So intense.

Jesus next turns to the host, “The next time you put on a dinner, don’t just invite your friends and family and rich neighbors, the kind of people who will retrun the favor.  Invite some people who never get invited out, the misfits from the wrong side of the tracks.  You’ll be– and experience — a blessing.  They won’t be able to return the favor, but the favor will be returned — oh, how it will be returned!  At the resurrection of God’s people!”  – Luke 14: 7-14.


— I heard a message last night by a very generous man who came to Western, the message was on acceptance, and how we should accept people as God has accepted us.  I believe this story by Jesus illustrates an opportunity for acceptance and an incredible way to reflect God’s radiant light amongst our peers.  If we start performing favors for others, who cannot repay us, it is there where true pure generosity will take place.  May God get all of the glory!

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