Jeremiah, Daniel, and Jesus? What’s the connection? Dare I say this generation too?

Good evening all:


God spoke something pretty intense to me today!  I thought I would share this with you, my friends of all states, nations, and ethnicities:



Daniel 9:24: “Seventy sevens are set for your people and for your holy city to throttle rebellion, stop sin, wipe out crime, set things right forever, confirm what the prophet saw, and anoint The Holy of Holies.”



To give you a little context, Daniel had just prayed a prayer asking what the truths and treasures were of Jeremiah’s prayer seventy years prior.  Since this prayer by Daniel was near seventy years since Jeremiah’s encounter with God, he was simply wanting to know the significance and what was about to come.  At the time, people were very content with the state of the temple and it was in fluxed with horrid sin, desolation, and other horrid connotations.  Daniel was looking for “a savior”.


Now that you have a little context,


This may blow your mind a little bit, but 490 years to the date of when this took place, Jesus was born.  Hmm, isn’t that fascinating?  Exactly Seventy sevens (70×7=490), Jesus was sent for Daniel’s people and for Jerusalem to stop sin, wipe out crime, and set things right forever.  Jesus was sent to restore the temple!  Jesus was sent to destroy the impact of sin.  Jesus was sent to wipe out all crime!  Jesus was the answer that Jeremiah and Daniel was looking for!



Okay, so now you understand what God’s futuristic intentions were for Jerusalem and for the eventual Church, now I beg the question:  Is the Church of today in the same state that the temple was in Daniel’s era?  Sin-filled, destructed, and desolate?  Dare I even say that we are…content like in the days of Moses, prior to Joshua?   I see churches all of the time today leading people to the ways of society or the way of conservatism, rather than the way that Jesus lived.  Jesus essentially displayed grace, love, and mercy to all people, not just the people of status.


Let me bring this home for you:  If you see a church that is content, sin-filled, destructed, etc.  I am here to tell you that a lot of non-believers look at the Church, the building (not the bride adorned for God), look at the church as a money grubbing business.  I am not making any accusations, assumptions, or anything, but I am making the statement for awareness:  Jesus is the ONLY ONE who can restore “the temple” and unless we are Jesus centered, Bible believing churches, we can never properly lead people to the ever-faithful God.  Jeremiah, Daniel, and our generation are looking for a savior to an ever content temple and peoples.


Let us not be content in our faith, but act out faith our in full-force and look to God for ALL things.  Let us brag on our precious creator and rejoice and give thanksgiving FOR ALL things, regardless of their nature.  As it is God who makes everything, every breath possible.


I thank you for taking the time to read:  I am a God loving person, who is looking to spread the truth out, and let everyone know that Jesus is the absolute truth and the only way that we can restore the church, and well….turn America and the world back to Jesus!



God bless!

One thought on “Jeremiah, Daniel, and Jesus? What’s the connection? Dare I say this generation too?

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