Want to see God work? Here’s the primary motive:

Good evening people of all genders, races, languages, and nations:


I want to discuss something…different than your ordinary Christian blog.  I want to address how WE can personally see God work, rather than boast on all the things God has done by working.  Before I get into my point, I want to make a few assumptions; if you are taking your free time to read a blog on wanting to see God work, I can assume you’re either a Christian and looking for answers.  That or you could be a person who isn’t quite a “believer” yet, but skeptical on the idea of God actually having this all-mighty power in which He has.  Of course, there may be many of you who don’t pertain to either category, but nonetheless this can pertain to every single one of your lives.


How often do you check Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, etc. and see posts with how God is moving or how God is all-consuming, all-powerful, and nothing is impossible through Him.  My guess is that it’s frequent, because those of us who do love God, love to brag on our creator, but often times we take the assumption that everyone understands the intricacies involved in loving God and watching God work.  The mere reality is that we are often victims of our inadequacies, because while we boast on God moving, we aren’t exactly sure what the “prerequisites” are for God to immeasurably greater things than we are accustomed to.



In regards to all that I’ve said thus far, I want to talk about God feeding the 5,000 people:

The question: What is so significant about God’s son, in flesh, Jesus miraculously turning 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish into feeding a multitude of persons?

The answer:  The answer is much more complex than the prevailing miracle can explain.  So I’ll explain how God can move, not only in your life, but the lives of everyone.

How about we run through the actual scripture on the matter, let’s look at Matthew 14.

Granted, this is one of the few instances where you know the results before you hear the story, because you already understand that Jesus is going to feed a multitude of people.  But much more than the action itself is important here:  Understanding the WHY is crucial in understand how God can move in our lives individually, or as a church, or community, or a state, even a nation can be changed by this sheer principle.  Faith.

Where is faith?  Let’s check it out from the perspective of Matthew, writing the Gospel:

v.15-21 (ESV)

 Now when it was evening, the disciples came to him and said, “This is a desolate place, and the day is now over; send the crowds away to go into the villages and buy food for themselves.” 16 But Jesus said, “They need not go away; you give them something to eat.” 17 They said to Jesus, “We have only five loaves here and two fish.” 18 And Jesus said, “Bring them here to me.” 19 Then he ordered the crowds to sit down on the grass, and taking the five loaves and the two fish, he looked up to Heaven and said a blessing.  Then he broke the loaves and gave them to the disciples, and the disciples gave them to the crowds. 20 And they all ate and were satisfied.  And they took up twelve baskets full of the broken pieces left over.  21 And those who ate were about five thousand men, besides women and children.

Hm.  When we look at this passage there are many ways it could be interpreted, one of which the disciples told Jesus that the people should be self-sufficient and buy their own food, for themselves.  This is really fascinating to me, because logically, these people are voluntarily taking aside from their lives to follow Jesus around essentially.  The common sense ideal is to send the crowds, where Jesus has already healed all their sick people, away so they can get their own food and everything can start fresh the next day.  So the day is now over, I imagine it being about dusk, the sun is probably setting, and Jesus says…don’t send them away, we can give them something to eat.  You see, look at this from a different perspective, these are people who are passionately thanking Jesus for the healing, loving Jesus, sticking to Jesus, and the disciples think the best decision is to send these people away, but Jesus has it right here, Jesus is saying…Guys let’s not send away our own, let’s feed them, show them that God can provide under any circumstance!!!  So of course, the disciples have the …logical, rational, and conservative response with well Jesus…we only have 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish, how the in the world are we going to feed 5,000 men + all the women + all the children here in this hurting area?  Hm.  Good question. But follow Jesus’ response here, “Bring them to me.” How cool is Jesus?  Does Jesus frantically panic?  Does Jesus say, gosh guys…you’re right, we don’t have enough to offer…hm let’s just send them away for the night.

Nah, of course not, Jesus does what Jesus always does, which is find a way to show the people that God always can provide regardless of any circumstance.  But here’s where things turn it up a notch, here’s the premise of the message, Then Jesus ORDERS the people to sit on the grass, historical documents and context tells me they sat in circles, as if there were tables all over the area.  Jesus subtly says, prepare and I’ll break the bread, give the blessing, and let God provide.  God in fact provides substantially more than just enough to feed a few people, God provides everything for these people and even enough for twelve baskets to remain full. God even gave them left-overs.  The portion sizes were more like Red Lobster rather than your home-country cheap little diner.  You see, but there’s a greater point here than just Jesus prayed, Jesus blessed, and Jesus gave.  The greater message is that Jesus prepared the people, Jesus ORDERED that these people prepare themselves for a miracle.

I mean let’s put this in perspective, it’s like we’re at a football game and there is a promotion that there will be free pizza and Pepsi at half-time, so all sorts of people attend the game, knowing free-food is going to be offered at half-time.  So then at half-time, Papa John’s rep comes out on the Microphone and says…we have one pizza and a 2-Liter of Pepsi and this is going to provide for everyone of you guys.  Can you imagine the PR stunt that would be going on?  Twitter, Facebook, etc would be going nuts if this happened, people would be mocking, screaming, angrily acting out, and so many other impatient emotions towards Papa John’s.  Which is fair, but you see then Jesus comes into the picture and says…sit down. Sit down on the grass, socialize, prepare as if dinner will be served.  Don’t just mock me, but believe me, and forever understand that your Father is there.  So then back to the game,  imagine that everyone at the game sits still and gets in their seat, faithfully believing that the one pizza is going to be sufficient for all of the people.  It seems quite ridiculous, honestly.

But God is ridiculous, irrational, and illogical, because God is creator and we are the creation for a reason.  God can do anything that He feels like, because God contains all of the power in the world.  Nobody at that football game would believe that Pizza would be sufficient for everyone, so I assume with reason that the people had a hard time believing that Jesus would make enough food for all the people.  You know what’s even more fascinating is that the disciples, who had already witnessed a miracle that day…didn’t believe Jesus could provide, they just assumed that these people would do the rational thing, and go find their own food.  So knowing that the disciples weren’t even certain or considerate of the idea, I assume that 50,000 hungry football fans wouldn’t believe it be possible either.

So my point to you is much greater than God feeding people, because God promises to us many times that He will provide for those who love Him dearly, whole-heartedly, and compassionately. But you see, in every miracle that the Bible has, every miracle that Jesus did, or the people did, or anyone did began with something like, “…sit down on the grass…” prepare and blindly have faith that God can do anything.  You see the miracle itself is astonishing, but the premise behind all the miracles is even more mind-blowing.

So to relate back to the title:  If you want to see God provide for you, move in your life, move in your area, help beat an addiction, or anything…You have to first prepare for God to move.  If it’s God’s Will to be done, it will be done, but if you want God to help you…If you want God to strengthen you and defeat something, you’ve first got to prepare for God to do it.  You see, Satan is going to attack you until the day God puts you in Paradise, as a believer, but I assure you that if you stay persistent, and you let God do what God can do…anything can happen. Remember that, anything in this world can happen if you simply prepare for God’s Will to be done.

God is so good!  God has graciously saved me from all the sins I’ve ever partaken in, I hope that I can do as Jesus said, “ye shall do greater things than thee”. I hope that through God, I can help the Church, help believers find the unbeliever and with Jesus’ help do greater things and reach more lost people.

Thanks to all the viewers, it’s astonishing to see God’s platform work here, as now I’ve had 97 nations view this blog.  May God get all the glory and Honor and Love that I have to offer.


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