Satan works tirelessly, the question is: How to defeat him?

Good morning,


I had someone ask me a question yesterday, one question that I felt like was a legitimate claim.  Today I will take the opportunity to write my blog on the same question, because I would be willing to bet that if this person had that question, that you probably do or have before!  Perhaps you’ve even heard a response to this question, but maybe a little different perspective can lead to a clearer understanding of an extremely vital topic associated with our Christian daily lives.


First, how are we supposed to model ourselves as Christians?  I will tirelessly reprimand that you look at Romans 12, the marks of a Christian!  As you grow closer to God, the world will grow further away, and once the world begins to grow further away, Satan will slip his little way into your presence.  Satan will work so hard to bring you away from God, he will slip all sorts of things into your mind and play like he is God and make you think it is God giving you the thoughts.  However, there are a multitude of ways to tell a difference between which it is!


Does it line up with Scripture?

You see, Paul tells us in Ephesians that one persons peace can only come from the Word and that understanding the Word can bring peace to oneself, as Jesus tells us in John that we will live freely and lively with God on our side.  Therefore, if the thoughts that you think are God, don’t align with scripture then it’s obviously not God. This is why it’s so important to have a strong prayer life and a strong knowledge of what the Gospel says.  Ultimately, anyone non-Christians would admit, that the way Jesus lived His life was a model citizen, one of society can only be appreciative of!


That begs the question:  How did Jesus handle Satan and his temptations?  Every single time, Jesus referred to His father and referred to God’s Word.  You can check me and back me up, which I ask you to do, but Jesus told Satan every single time that Scripture tells us completely otherwise, which is obviously not Satan’s proposition.  Perhaps, I would EVEN argue, that Jesus had it much more difficult than any other person on this planet would…does it not make sense that if we are tempted less that we should follow in the footsteps of the one who had it the worse?  Not only did Jesus get Satan’s A game, Jesus also showed Satan up every single time, in which He never faulted, never sinned, and always followed the ways of the Father.



Here’s what I ask you to do:  Here’s the way you defeat satan!


What do you struggle with precisely?  Work as hard as God does in blessing you each and every day….in finding out scripture to actually represent your faults.  Make sure what you read is IN CONTEXT, make sure you understand who the writer is, what the writer is specifically speaking of, and how that exact topic relates back to exactly what you’re doing with.  However, I ask that you not misrepresent the Bible and make it sound like whatever you want it to.  Meditate on it, digest it, pray about it, and understand how powerful God is and that His word can defeat satan if you clearly understand it!  Only by God and the Word can you be given peace from satan.



So quit reading this!!! Go dig into the Word.  Show satan what us Christians are truly about, show satan that we have the same work ethic as God does, as we were invented alike to our creator and in His image!




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