To get you started:

As you wake up this morning:


Our goal as Christians- reflect God’s radiant light off, so the whole world feels His greatness.


Do me a huge favor and humble yourself this morning, by realizing how precious your gifts are.  I’m not talking about your Christmas, Birthday, or whatever gifts, I’m talking about your God given gifts.  Think about how much God must love you, to give you life on this wonderful planet.  I suggest doing things like thanking God for everything that you have in life, because you deserve no credit for those gifts in life, only He does.  It was Him who bestowed those gifts upon you.



Perhaps, you have become complacent or feel like God doesn’t walk with you anymore.  That’s simply psychological, God is with you every second of every day.   So stop spending moments of the day asking where God, instead ask where your heart is.  God’s always there to seek and show His love towards you, so remember next time you breathe (the million times a day) that God loves you deeply.



I want to challenge you:  From now on, look at everything from the perspective of Jesus, rather than the perspective of man.  For we ARE supposed to be manifesting our minds to prepare for Heaven.



Ex: Next time you see someone homosexual that you may know, don’t look at them like an alien. Think of the story of Zacchaeus, where Jesus befriended a sinner and changed the entire complexity of the tax business.  I realize that the sins of Zacchaeus and a homosexual aren’t the same, but sins don’t carry weight.  A sin is equal to any other sin, the fact is it’s wrong in accordance to the Lord.  But read the way Jesus handled Zacchaeus, that’s the way we need to handle all situations in pertaining ones whom sin habitually.  As the Bible says, “With God, all things are possible”.  God can change the entire planet if we allow him to.  The question is, do we truly want Him to, or will we allow Him to change the world?  The answer thus far is, no.  We deny God all the time in our day and age.  Personally, seeing as God created us, that should change.  It won’t change until all brothers and sisters stand up for the one who created them!



  1. Humble yourself
  2. God’s always there
  3. Challenge yourself
  4. Befriend sinners as Jesus did


God is good to those who love Him, never forget that.



God bless,


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