Friendly Reminder:

I thought I would share a friendly reminder as you go through your wonderful Sabbath day.


I heard quite possibly the best quote of my life in church today.  It reads, “God’s people are the church, the church isn’t the building or gathering place.”  – David, associate pastor of Campus Church (Cullowhee, NC)


You can check it out via


So often we get ourselves caught up in going to “church” and forgetting that we “Christians” are the bride of the Lord.  So as you go through your day, week, month, year, and the rest of your life please remember that church is every single day…not just the days that you gather amongst your community to worship God.



This is a fundamental wrong in society.  Let’s celebrate and worship God with our actions every single day, rather than just allowing the time during “church” to be our time with God.




God is good, praise the Lord for all that He does!

In Love,


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