How to Prioritize God. Please keep in mind, God never stops giving!

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I know I sound redundant, but it truly is a blessing to be able to write once again.  I’ve felt so consumed by the Holy Spirit today, I thought I would share some thoughts that have been on my mind over the past 24 hours.  First, I want to thank all of you who have read and liked, shared, re-blogged, etc the previous blog; it’s recording record reviews from all over the world.  I believe I counted 21 nations viewed the blog yesterday, wow how powerful God can use something as simple as the internet.  But I have to thank you, the viewers, for your constant dedication because the views gains the blog publicity, which in turn leads to other nations seeing the blog!  Which results in God getting GLORY!  Hey, friends, guess what?  That’s the ultimate goal, to give all the glory to God and let us just be instruments in God’s band!  This just happens to be my niche.



Before I go onto what I would like to talk about tonight, I want to let you know that you will notice that I don’t release my identity, that you won’t see me put my name at the bottom or anything.  This is simply to remain anonymous, so that everything I write can be given direct Glory to God, as it was the Spirit that brought the Word to me.  Unless, of course, you view this from my Facebook/Twitter page, then you know I write it.  But many of you viewers aren’t friends of mine.



How to Prioritize God:

Are there times where you are just confused with your relationship with Christ?  Do you often find yourself pondering whether you spend enough time with God?  Or are you the one of many that does not really understand how much time you are supposed to spend with God?  Look, these are all valid questions, they are all questions that we all think about.  Perhaps, you think of it with a twist and wonder “how much am I supposed to tithe?”.  These are all questions that every one deals with, they are extremely difficult questions.

Here’s how I will tell you to deal with it, simply with prayer.  I realize (laughing out loud) that I am answering a question about “How much time to spend with God?”.  By literally saying spend time with God to find the answer.  It seems almost counterintuitive doesn’t it?  Almost like the question solves itself before actually having a solution, but here is the reality of the question, it is a personal conviction.  Here’s a situation I’ll throw at you:

Let’s say there’s a college student, a college student that runs a e-commerce small business, makes good grades, and does everything they can do to give back to God.  Keep in mind this student has a car payment, has to pay for college, and all of their living expenses.  However, the business is thriving, money isn’t an issue, and this student becomes confused.  This student literally doesn’t understand what’s going on, because suddenly they have more funds and don’t know what is the right amount to give back to God.

Person asks the following questions to God:

What did I do to deserve this blessing?

How much time can I possibly spend with you if I’m running a full-time business and am a full-time college student?

How much do I give and how much do I save from your blessing?

Why did the student go to God?  The student went to God and we should go to God, because nobody knows ourselves better than God Himself.  Seeing as He is our creator and determined our very existence, it is only logical that God should always be our go-to plan.  Through personal conviction, prayer, and understanding of the Word…your answer will come to you.  You will find pure peace and understanding from His Word.  Paul writes in Ephesians how the ONLY true way to have peace in this world is through scripture!  Peace only comes from God and no other, so by going to God, you will find your answer.  It may not be instantly, it may not be for months, and it may not be for years, but I assure you that God hears you and in due time (perfect timing) God will let you know what to do.

So back to the original question:  How to prioritize God?  I must assure you that Jesus woke up every single morning before the sun rose to pray to God, to pray to His Father!  Friends, God needs to be the first thing we think of every morning and the last thing we think of every night.  Along with hundreds of times throughout the day.  God will let you know what is demanded of you by personal conviction, but I assure you that the more blessings you GIVE, the more blessings you will GET.  Don’t let that premise be the reason why you give though, giving blessings to other and giving to God is only a vital way to show your true faith that God will come through in all manners!  It’s so POWERFUL to think about.  My grandmother once told me, “the more we gave, the more we were blessed”.  To me, that is astonishing for someone one to sit back and realize that God has provided for them this long.  This is why it’s essential to prioritize God in the right manner.  It’s efficacious to grasp the importance of prioritizing God.  I can’t emphasize that enough to you.  My point is don’t limit yourself and limit the use of yourself to God, because there is no ceiling for your availability to serve Him!  As long as God sees it fit, He will make time to make everything work accordingly, just like that situation I mentioned.  The last thing on God’s mind is time, as Peter says, a thousand years to God is one day to man, to assure us we must remain patient.  We must stay faithful and wait for God’s perfect timing to interact with our situation.

My last thing to leave you with is I hope that you understand my point here, my point that you should never look somewhere besides God to answer a question dealing with your relationship with God.  

Do me a favor and read the small book of Jonah tonight!  That’s my reading for the night, I may be writing about it soon enough!  God is good!


Remember God is GOOD


5 thoughts on “How to Prioritize God. Please keep in mind, God never stops giving!

    1. God is always good. Good=faithful, never forget that. Please feel free to look at other blogs or share it via a social media method, even re-blog it. My goal is to get the Word out to as many people as humanly possible.

      My inspiration is when Jesus tells us, “you will do greater things than thee.”


    1. I just give credit where credit is due, I’m simply reflecting God’s radiant light into anywhere and anyone who is willing to see or hear His Word. Thank you for taking the time to read, it means the world to me. It is extremely encouraging to hear feedback.


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