Single, dating, engaged (betrothed), or married? It doesn’t matter: We all need Faith, Hope, and Love!

Hello all,



It’s truly a blessing to be sitting here today, living my life to the fullest extent.  I wake up, I breathe millions of times, I see everything, I can hear with my ears, I can walk to wherever I’m going, and I can feel what I touch.  Life is truly what we make it out to be.  I want to shine God’s light on you for the next few minutes as you read this blog.  After you read this, I want you to really consider where you are relationally.  Whether that relationship is with your best friend (spouse), parents, or even God, it is irrelevant.  Frankly, all relationships that are genuine rest on the same principles, ones that consist of faith, hope, and love.



So what is the importance of these words and what correlation do they have to a relationship with your spouse?


I’m glad you asked.  Paul lays out for us in 1 Corinthians 13:13 that the greatest of these three is “love”.  To truly make this point, we will shove the word “love” aside for a little while.  The reason is…if you ask 25 people what the word “love” means, you would literally get 25 different answers from those people.  “Love” is indescribable, irrational, illogical, and solely PURE.  Therefore, “love” has no real distinction in this world, because a word that we can’t actually describe, only speak of.  So let’s toss it to the other side of the room for a little while, let’s focus on the other two listed in 1 Corinthians 13:13.



  • Faith is ?

Faith is an extremely powerful word that is used every day of our lives in some context or another.  Let’s begin by defining faith and explaining the meaning of a word that literally determines your realization of God.  Faith is a word that elaborates and starts as “substance”, it is an intangible adamant expression that derives from God.  What does all that mean?  It means that you can’t touch faith, although it is something of substance; that substance isn’t tangible (touchable).  It’s also something adamantly expressing your emotions from God.  In other words, it’s a strong feeling “a passion if you will”, that comes from God.  So “faith” is something that ironically something that emotionally attached to God.  Follow me here…God gives grace, we have faith that God gives unto us.  So God acts to benefit us, and we have this substance that isn’t tangible, but is an adamant expression that derives from God.  Similarly, “faith” is a substance that we have CONFIDENCE in, that we are assured that God exists.  Haha, this is powerful, so please hang in there.  Let’s recap- Faith is something given by God, but also something we give back to God.  God allows our minds to grasp what faith is, but it’s not something that we can touch.  Although faith has substance, it isn’t something that we can see either.  Faith is merely a passionate emotion that elaborates on the significance of our feelings.


I’m going to bring it home here faith is RESTED ASSURANCE.  Check this out; all the ways above are how you actually determine the meaning of one single word.  One word that means all of these words into one.  The significance of understanding the meaning of faith, is everything, otherwise you may not actually have “faith” without realizing that what you believed “faith” to be isn’t what it actually is.  Ah, such as harsh reality, I’m aware.  But the reason that I firmly believe that faith is RESTED ASSURANCE and best described by those two-words, is because of everything above: included with the fact that faith something that is believed without, or doesn’t require, proof or evidence.  In order for you to truly believe and have faith that God exists, you must have rested assurance that He is here, that He created the world, and that He allowed Christ to die for us.  That rested assurance is a concrete level of satisfaction within oneself without actual proof.  What I mean by actual proof is that I can’t physically look outside and see God, but I can see all that God created.  This is so important to understand, because if your “faith” isn’t concrete, if you have doubts, crack in the concrete, or serious issues involving your faith…then this might help.  It might help to simply understand and digest what the word actually means.  Let’s move onto hope. Then we will compare the two and see where your relationship needs to be standing, in order for it truly to have success through God.


  • Hope is?

Hope is described in the Bible as very many things.  It ranges from actually “hope” being interchangeable with “faith”, or it ranges to a doubt included with faith.  The scale of hope goes from complete doubt to complete faith, it a word that illustrates where your faith is within the context of your sentence, statement, message, etc.  Take a step back for a second mentally, think of all the ways you use the word hope.  This is a difficult exercise because you begin learning, since it’s been mentioned, how doubtful you really are in life.  You begin seeing that you use the word hope much more often in the negative context, rather than the faithful context.  We find ourselves saying as if it would take a miracle to occur, “I hope God comes through today”.  I want you to think about that sentence, because in order for you to say that sentence, there must be a level of DOUBT that exists for you to not say,” I have complete faith that God will come through today “.  Now frankly, this is something very subtle that I am probably the only person that would notice.  Although subtle, it is very distinguishable in your relationship with God.  Mere word choice speaks a thousand words, without the painting involved, because that sentence directly illustrates where you stand with God at that very moment.  For example, today someone said “that is very hopeful and I am glad to hear it.”  I sat back for a second and tried to digest what the word “hopeful” actually meant, but in this context I’m speaking with someone about my engagement and as I proceed in the eventual marriage to the person I love.  It’s as if my engagement is “hopeful” that it reaches marriage, I mean what a condescending statement that is about what engagement should entail.  I don’t care if you’re talking in the context of being single and saying, I’m hopeful that God comes through in finding me a spouse”.  It’s the same level of doubt that exists here, in both texts, in using the word identically.  You see, we’re missing the point of faith is and trying to exacerbate the meaning of faith by using it interchangeably with hope. Let’s stop hoping and start faithfully believing with our entirety.  God can’t come through for you, unless you’re completely aware and faithfully realize what He is capable of.  At this point, you’re either really lost in a bunch of jargon or you are really learning here.  I’ll simplify this a ton right here, with these very Biblical actions that took place.


Think back to all of God’s miracles, preformed by Jesus.  I want you to read about them, digest them, understand their complexity, and even see where these words faith and hope lie within them.  Faith is the only word that matches what these people prepared for while Jesus preformed miracles.  However, in every miracle preformed by Jesus, the people involved faithfully believed that it was capable, and not only did they believe it was feasible…they actually PREPARED themselves as if it were going to occur!  Although they had zero idea whether it was or not going to happen, they all faithfully believed without proof that it was going to occur, then took the next step by showing their faith and prepared themselves for the causal actions that proceeded (the miracles).  It’s so deep and masterful that only God can explain why a few words are so powerful and hold so much meaning within this world.  I want you to think specifically to the woman with the issue of blood.  Read about it.  Seriously digest her audacity that she acted upon with sincere FAITH, not hope.  This woman went out of her way to find Jesus and to not only find him, but touch his garment, and believe that if she touched Jesus that he could cure her.  That’s not hope friends, that’s not hope at all, in no way can I use the word hope to explain what transpired for that woman.  Only faith can explain her true emotions of irrationality, illogically, and quite frankly impossibility!  Although the entire world had her believing those three adjectives, she faithfully understands that God can do ANYTHING that He wishes on this planet.  And because she faithfully believed that He could do anything, she believed He WOULD do anything for her out of love.  Wow.  She followed exactly what I said, the exact definition of how we can truly become faithful for God.  I waited 1500 words later to bring in the word “love” to passionately express how deeply she understood God’s “love” for us.  In every miracle, the people truly grasp and understand how God will provide and always be there for us…no matter what.



I challenge you to do the same thing in your relationship.  Think of Mary and Joseph; think about how Joseph felt learning that Mary was pregnant with Jesus.  What were his first reactions before He knew the truth?  Look at how Joseph trusted God through Gabriel.  Look at how Joseph FAITHFULLY believed that God existed and later fathered Jesus through His childhood.  Not only being a father, but also being the wife of Mary, and faithfully believing that God can do anything.  The only time on record this has happened and Joseph took it like a faithful champ.  So whether you’re a guy or a girl, it’s irrelevant. God shows us that both can un-ending faith for Him.  God shows us in scripture how loving He is for those who truly faithfully grasp His love for us.  He will love us, which we Love faithfully.


I only pray that you realize why I didn’t compare whether you need faith or hope in your relationship today, because it’s not worth comparing.  Seek God and through God, you can see your partner, your mother, your father, and anyone on this Earth through a new set of lenses.  You can see them with pure faith for them and that you have faith in them to do all things with God on their side.  I encourage you to eliminate the doubts by counting your blessings every day.  Every time you breathe is a blessing Moses said, because when we stop breathing, that’s when God takes our life.  Thus, as long as God breathes through us, we are unstoppable with God on our side.  Kick the doubt to the curb and start recognizing how much God loves you and give back to God by faithfully believing in Him.



I love each and every one of you, whether you are my brother or sister in Christ or not.  I only pray that one day you become a child of God, like myself.  God is so good! John 3:16, read it.  God bless and thank you for your time!

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