God, let me reflect Your radiant light onto others!



My Father in Heaven, I look up to you today pondering all the blessings of this day.  Although, I feel fatigue, tired, and exhausted; You’re there for me to lean my head on.  Father, we as people often forget how important You really are to us.  We truly do.   God, I pray that you guide me and guide the rest of your children in how to lead others to You.  We are so fortunate and blessed to wake up every morning with another day, we are so blessed that because our lives are eternal, death is non-existant.  With that being said Lord, I pray that You let us see how important ministering to others is, how we can find beneficiaries of Your Word by using us to find them.  Only You know Your will, Lord, I have faith and confidence that You understand and are all-knowing.  I’m blessed beyond what I’m worth, I truly am, although that’s just my opinion; the reality is that You love so much that you do not see it that way.  You see it as every-time that I repent, my sins are cleaned and the slate is literally vanished.  When I try to recall those sins from so far back, You’re so perfect that you can’t even recall them because You upheld your promise and wiped my slate clean for good.  We’re so blessed to have You, God.  We’re so blessed that You love us as much as you do, being Your child…is the most amazing thing this world has to offer.  Father, I hope that I can be a vibrant light and be radiant by showing Your grace and mercy to everyone.  I want your grace to directly reflect right off of my flesh onto others, I want them to be instilled with Your precious love.  God, again, I thank You for Heaven, I thank You for all things.  Thank You most importantly for my family, fiance, friends, church, and life.  Thank You for the Holy Spirit, for Christ, and for Your precious Book.




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