Heaven will not be logical, comprehensible, or imaginable. No longer fear death Christians.

Good morning:




I thank God so much for the opportunity to live another day for His glory and only His glory.  It truly is such a blessing that I woke up breathing through my lungs today, much less the blessings of intelligence that I have to write to you all today.  By the way, I do tremendously appreciate the support and the amount of people following and reading the blog that the Holy Spirit puts upon my fingers as I type.



Do you ever wonder what Heaven will be like?  Do you just think about what the scenery will be like?  How about what people will be like in Heaven? How about other questions?  I know I certainly think about Heaven a lot!


Something interesting:

  • Death used to scare me to no avail


Why did death scare me?


– It scared me so much, because I knew nothing of Heaven.  I knew nothing, I had assumed that this life “our temporary home” would end and then we would go somewhere else, not know anyone, not know anything, or even be completely…dare I say…LOST.



Look, I’m being honest here, there were times I would think about myself dying and I would ball my eyes out.  Scared beyond belief.  Hey, I’m just being real here.


But you know what?  — In due time, God decided to show me by words what Heaven will be like.  The Holy Spirit truly worked hard in my life to let me swallow this image I had of Heaven and gave me the bright picture, the radiant light Heaven will have.


So some little tidbits on Heaven –

  • Sinless – fathom that, no sin
  • Perfect – perfect in real genuine LOVE for God
  • No electricity – God’s light will be so bright and radiant, no night will appear
  • Pure – everyone will all have all-consuming love from God
  • Equality – everyone in Heaven will be equal


I don’t care how hard you try, you will not be fathom how Heaven will be.  I challenge you to read in Revelations about Heaven, directly from John himself.  John, the man, God let see Heaven.



Imagine Earth being sinless, perfect, living by God’s radiant light, pure, and equal.  You can’t, because it’s so far from what our Earth truly is.  We see equality differences each and every day of our lives.  I see people all over the globe being sold for sex, I see drug Lords being praised as if they were actually God, I see politicians condemned before they ever take the oath of office, and lastly I see commoners (people like me and you) giving into the societal downfalls.  Rather than rejoicing in God’s grace.

We are truly blessed, ya know?  You should read 1 Peter.  Absolutely a masterful book of the Bible.

Have a blessed day, I hope that you learned a little about Heaven in my short little passage.  It will be perfect, no longer fear death. Heaven will be absolutely incredible!!!







The quote of the day :

Just because everyone isn’t saved, doesn’t mean we stop preaching a savior. Just because everyone isn’t healed, doesn’t mean we stop preaching a healer!

Keep that in mind today when you encounter a lost person. It’s the ample opportunity to show who God really is.

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