The misconception of Christ’s life.

The more I learn about Jesus, the more I cringe at my previous actions. The more I cringe, because even as Christians; we don’t live like Jesus at all. This is even after we have the Bible to guide us in our walk with God. We do what is socially is acceptable, because we FEAR the way we would be perceived when speaking to one who isn’t of God’s children. We think that because we speak to that “unreached” person, someone will frown upon our actions or we even neglect their need! Which is Christ, the Ultimate need in life! We need to go out and befriend those who are “bad” or “frowned upon” people in society, otherwise…none will ever reach them. If you fear the perception of those in society who are make condemnations, then while you’re at it…go reach the people who are making those same assumptions! They need Christ’s help and clarification in what we do to find others to love God.
Why is this? Why is it we allow our PRIDE to get involved so easily? This is because politically and socially, Christians are considered what….conservative. And Christians always have been considered conservative. Conservative is defined below:
Conservative – Holding to traditional attitudes and values and cautious about change or innovation, typically in politics or religion.
Whenever we take that same mindset into our religious lives, that conservative mindset, we neglect the very ones in our own grasp that need Jesus. So next time you don’t speak to that person, because they’re not “Christian” or “Conservative”, remember those are the very same people that you need to come to terms with, so we let others experience God’s Glory! If someone condemns you for it, explain how Jesus actually did this during His life! Explain how you’re living more like Jesus, rather than the opposite. It takes two minutes to tell the story of Zacchaeus or any of the other stories where Jesus befriends sinners. So instead of neglecting those people who aren’t God’s people or bashing them before their very eyes, consider the implications of living with…knowing you rejected an opportunity to show someone how to experience God’s wonderful grace.




AHH I LOVE GOD with all that I have.

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