The true importance of witnessing to others…

Hi and good evening:



I came across a friend today, a good friend whom I spend a lot of time within a week between studying, sitting through lectures, and going through agonizing homework with.  Something different happened today:



God gave me the opportunity to spread His Word.  We went and grabbed some food, just like a normal busy day.  It was simply like every single other day, but this day…I begged the question, where are you spiritually?  Now prior to my question, there was previous dialouge that took place.  However, today we decided to delve into a much deeper, complex topic.  The basis of Christianity and the ins and outs that exist in the religion today.   The conversation was extremely trying and complex, but the entire time I couldn’t help but thank my amazing God for allowing me the opportunity to share His word.


Time went by as we discussed basics, but the more time went by, the more I could grasp his understanding and seeing where I was coming from.  Growing up completely unaccustomed to the beliefs of my brothers and sisters kind, this was extremely assuring.  Asking multiple difficult questions, I felt the Holy Spirit literally taking my tongue and moving it in the way God wanted it to move.  Ironically, this morning I actually posted that God give me the opportunity to share His word, and He didn’t let me down in the opportunity.  Again, with the conversation, we spoke about just about every controversial topic that time would allow, again God answering every question for me like the Pro that He is.  Our conversation concluded with him saying, “Chris, I’d really like to speak more in-depth with you again, I’m simply fascinated in now understanding the vantage points of Christianity and what it has to offer.”  I was taken agasp when that response closed the conversation, simply because God had allowed me to reach out and touch someone with His grace and mercy.



In life, I’m not quite sure of my place or my purpose, but I can assure you all that I intend on doing everything in my imagined possibilities to share God’s Word and do it well.  I pray everyday that God equips me for those exact same type of situations.  For God is so good that we simply “knock” and we will receive.  That’s such a blessing that a lot of us really don’t think about in our daily lives.



So I don’t share this conversation to boast in my own appearance in my love for Christ, but allowing others to know that God still works and works with people that you encounter every single day.  So don’t take it for granted when your best friend isn’t Christ like or knows Christ, because our days are numbered and in all honesty…we don’t want anyone going to Hell, especially people that we can get on the right track and getting to accept what God truly has to offer.  Incredible promises that are there to be spread all around!  Like PARADISE.



So with all of this being said, what is the importance of actually witnessing?  It’s extremely important, if people didn’t witness, then you wouldn’t know Christ.  You wouldn’t have ever heard of Christ, or what the Gospel is all about.  So before you begin your day tomorrow, or whenever you read this, keep in mind that there’s someone in your immediate family that truly needs to understand the Gospel, and chances are God’s equipped you to share it with that very person.  Without spreading the Word of God, the rest will remain to be seen, no newcomers will come on board and the Lamb’s Book of Life will simply stop taking names.  That’s a day that we can’t let God see.  We can’t go everyday waiting another day to share God’s Word, because we seriously don’t know where our time is up here, or our lives in general.  So please.  I beg of you.  Be proactive.  Be amazingly proactive for God and share His great message.



Not because I want you to, but because it’s the right thing to do.  It’s simply being obedient.  And for those of you who haven’t ever heard God’s Word, then please feel free to message me or comment on here and I’m gladly here to help assist you in your venture to understanding God or accepting Him.  God tells us that we are to make disciples of all men, so it’s our duty to get the Word out and to get it out to as many places as possible.  I pray that God remains the Glory in all that we do, for God is truly amazing and truly blesses us with every living breath.  I pray that God gives me guidance to go through my life with wisdom, strength, and grace to set an example for who my God really is.    I also thank God in prayer for Heaven, especially for Heaven, because that is my eternal home.  I pray that God guides me to live more Heavenly, I need to walk with God in every step of my life and to never take His wonderful grace for granted.  I thank Him for all that He does.



Also, pray for my grandpa as he’s in ICU currently.  Things aren’t looking so hot, but with the power of prayer, anything is possible.  I just pray that we allow God’s will to be done and not question it, but understand that His vision is perfect, unlike ours.  Thank YOU for all that you do God.



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