Friends, the most important component in Christianity is YOUR PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD


I’ll begin with a question:  Do you know…what the Holy Spirit actually is?

  • Holy Spirit defined: as an aspect of the trinity involved within God and a part of the trinity with Christ.
  • Also, a spiritually inclined institution installed into our bodies to allow us to comprehend God in due time


There is a huge misconception that is..”the holy spirit”, this misconception relates to church and the Holy Spirit, it’s that you can’t “feel” God until you know God, or even understand God is calling you, until you have that relationship with God.  This is something that has irked me for a long time, because if that were the case…none of us would know “God” or the “calling from God” because we all started out as not being saved.  So at some point, the Holy Spirit had to intervene to say, “Hey, God would love for you to join His Kingdom”.  Or something along those lines, we all got that calling to be saved, at least those of us who are saved by God’s grace and have accepted Him as Lord.



Where I’m going is that we all started out as mere people with no way of fulfilling our purpose on this planet.  However, through the Holy Spirit we are truly first appointed by God’s calling and thus we are to either accept or deny His calling for us.  You know…that “tingling” of the heart, or that moment where everything clicked and you knew you were supposed to be God’s child?  For the sake of this blog, let’s say you accept the calling and become saved (like I did).  Praise God for that by the way.



Now if the Holy Spirit didn’t invite you to become saved, do you truly believe you could’ve became saved?  No.  Simply answer is no.  So if it’s not possible for the Holy Spirt, as proclaimed by some churches, to intervene prior to the saving of a soul, then how does anyone become saved?   Ah, so scripture is so cool on this topic because Jesus let’s us know exactly how to become saved of our sins.  Please feel free to look it up, if I give you everything, what do you truly gain from reading? A little knowledge, I suppose, but not breadth to Biblical concepts.


The premise is so flawed here, absolutely flawed, and why do you think it’s taught like that Chris?  Personally, I believe it’s taught like that a subtle way to get people to talk them into talking to Christ.  It’s almost like…they  have to become saved to talk to Christ or for Him to hear you.  That’s completely and utterly false, because again, if that were the case; nobody would be saved.  So I believe that churches make it feel more of an obligation, thus the premise is completely flawed. Thus, a completely flawed process.



Prime Example: Look at Paul in the Bible, who may be the MOST Christ inspired writer, besides Moses, in the entire Holy Book.  What did Paul do before becoming a Christian?  He persecuted Christians!!!!! Killed them for being Christians!!!!! So wouldn’t the logical brain tell you that this man who is persecuting Christians, couldn’t hear God because He hasn’t been saved?  OF COURSE NOT, see the premise is flawed, read the Bible and you’ll get Paul’s whole story, it’s absolutely fantastic how God went on to use Him for His glory.



My point is that God is calling all of us, to a relationship with Him, to better ensure that all men and women are reached everywhere, all over the world.  This is a topic that extremely disappoints me and I hate seeing churches literally “obligate” their members to being “saved”, which truly isn’t even being saved because they’re not believe that God is Lord & Christ rose from the dead after dying on the cross for our sins, but simply believing that being saved comes with the supernatural ability to talk to Christ.  Folks, it’s in our conscious, the Holy Spirit is always with us, as is God!  We need to get this teaching out of the world.  These folks aren’t going to Heaven for being “saved”, they’re going to Hell because of bad leaders telling them that’s what being saved means!




The answer to the “how to” stop it:  Explain to them the purpose of the relationship with Christ alone.  In church growing up, I never heard a preacher talk about how important it was to read the Bible on my own, I honestly didn’t.  That’s a sheer shame, thank God for lighting this fire in me to truly see what the Word means rather than take everything at face value.   There is NOTHING that can substitute your personal relationship with Christ, absolutely nothing.  I don’t care whether you’re fellowshipping every single day 24/7, being in every devotional group you possibly can, it’s the mere sequence of actually speaking to Christ on your own terms that is most essential.  Because God will acquaint you with the fellowship groups and devotional groups that HE wants you to be with, so with prayer YOU WILL FIND OUT IF IT IS YOUR TIME OR NOT to participate.  Sometimes just because it seems like the “moral” and right thing to do, doesn’t always mean that it is.  If the premise, or purpose is flawed, then it’s probably something you shouldn’t participate in, because it doesn’t truly glorify God.  Just a few facts.  Our purpose is to grow as in-depth as we possibly can through Christ, so that we can share the gospel with everyone of all nations!!!! That’s our purpose! So God will let us know if it’s in our best interest to participate in this or that.  Prayer, again, that personal relationship with Christ.  Is that everything, no, but it most definitely is the most important.  What really matters in this world is what you do when you’re alone, not when you’re with other people.  Why?



First: Read about Judas in the Bible.  Click your Bible app and type Judas, it will do the work for you.  Or Google, either way…takes like 30 seconds to find it.


Second: Think about how EASY it is to play this…”face” and this “personality” when you’re with all sorts of others in a discipleship group or doing fellowship with others.  Then think about how hard it is to play that same face when you’re alone, with just you and God.  The alone time is your trust test, because it’s the real opportunity for God to see who you REALLY are and how important HE really is!  I can’t even begin to put a price on how important your alone relationship with God, but I feel it has to be the most important, otherwise God doesn’t know who you are.  And most importantly, without your own devotions by yourself and your own prayer, God doesn’t know YOU.



Do me a favor and think about what you do in time that it’s just you and God.  The time where nobody else can see you, but the Lord almighty.  What do you do?  Do you still play like you love God, or do you really love God with all of your heart intimately?  Friends, I’m not condemning anyone, I’m just letting you know how God sees you, and making sure you’re living the way God intends for you to live on this Earth.  Our temporary home.  This is your opportunity to change, whatever it is that you know you should be doing and you’re not.  Maybe you’re not delving into scripture like you should, maybe you do unmoral things when you think God’s not watching, or maybe you do everything to a tee.  Nonetheless, I am deeply interested and concerned, because I want us to live for God and I feel like it is absolutely essential that we give God our time and ask Him how we can use it for His glory.  Again, nothing is more important than your personal relationship with God.



There is no devotional group, fellowship group, church service, or anything that can serve substitute as time with you and God.  Think of it like bonding time with your eternal Father, not an obligation.  Think of it as an opportunity to get to know the one who created you, not an abyss of waistless time.  Think of it as an opportunity to truly learn what scripture means, not that you’re reading this huge book.  How about an opportunity to find your niche to contribute to God’s garden, not thinking of the time and labor costs you will make.  How about thinking of it as an opportunity to work for God, since He was so gracious in sacrificing His Son, so that we can live in a day where repentance is accepted.  Friends, this the greatest opportunity we have on this Earth to spend time with our Holy Father, let’s make the most of it!




God bless you all! Have a wonderful day and read your Bible today, get to know God!!!!!!

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