Doubting: Do you doubt that God is true/real/infinite? You’re not alone.

Hi to all, God is still good today:



Again, as always, I do appreciate you taking the time out of your day to view this blog.  One of the biggest moments of my life occurred yesterday, in a facet that I always seemed not possible.  Although there is much joy, jubilation, and happiness that comes with engagement, God humbled me by informing that this was His ultimate plan for my life.  To follow His word and no other, to live for His glory, to center our relationship around what He wants instead of what we aspire for.  I can’t promise that anything that happens in the future will make sense at the time, but I can assure you that in the eyes of God, He will deem it to make sense with His perfect vision.  I ask for not just congratulations, but prayer is what I truly ask for.  Not just today, but tomorrow, and forever I beg for your prayer to let us remain faithful in following the one who gave us this life to live together.



So I heard a person earlier today tell their friend, “There is no way there is a God, because I don’t believe anyone could possibly love my past and what I’ve done in my past.”  That’s so discouraging, friends.  Honestly, it has torn me into pieces today, because it’s a testament to our stubbornness as Christians.  That shows how selfish we are, that weren’t making everyone feel welcome in the house of the Lord.  Friends, that is extremely disappointing, because if you look at the folks who Christ used in the world, they weren’t perfect, they weren’t ideal, and they were full of mistakes.  But that’s the entire Gospel, that anyone can have God’s love since Jesus’s life was sacrificed on the cross.  You’re thinking well…duh, that’s the Gospel, where is this going?


Here’s where…The entire point is that ANYONE can be used in God, but we deny so many people and make them feel so unwelcome in a church setting.  Whether it’s because they look different, smell different, or frankly act different.  We just reject those people and throw them to the side and condemn them before ever actually encountering them.  This is such a shame and something that God really shakes His head at.



Why does He shake His head?  Doesn’t the Bible say that we’re not supposed to accept the wicked people?



Yes, the Bible does that in the context of that message, but Christ says to make disciples of all men and women in all nations, not to reject people of the opportunity.  So why do we feel like, since God gave us this life, that we have the authority to neglect people of the opportunity to know Christ.  It’s so uneasy that we believe we’re more powerful than God and feel like we can literally overrule what God has made law in this life.  I almost find it comical because we always forget that God does have this huge book called the Bible to let us know how we should be living to live our lives to God’s glory and no other.  Yet our pride allows us to believe that we are some “super” natural being who that book doesn’t apply to, so we shove it aside in our daily lives.



Why? Because we live in an evil wicked world that tells us there are justifications for everything.  Can I get an Amen?  Isn’t that the truth?  Listen to someone who is making an excuse…they’re just trying to justify their wicked idea, that’s all.    I’m just being real, whether you agree or not, I know this to be true.




So we believe that we have this “power” to not have to respond and apply our lives to God’s word. What does scripture say about this topic?



The Bible tells us that if we can’t accept man who is alive for who they are, one man that we personally know…then how can we accept a man in God that we’ve never physically seen.  It only makes sense, you met “Rick” (Hypothetical person) who is covered in tattoos, smokes dope, been in jail a few times, and other things, and you automatically find yourself steering yourself away from Him because of His past.  Did you know that Christ can make this person new? Just as he did for…you?  Did you know Christ can do all things?  I know that.  Do you though? Do you have the faith to believe with God we can do all things? Well Christ said, “you will do greater things than thee.”, so isn’t logical that you teaming up with the Holy Spirit, you can accomplish and attempt to get the salvation of Rick, this criminal who needs Christ the most.  It only makes sense, if you truly believe the Gospel….But


What do we do?  – We just let Rick go and let Him continue the ways of Satan and never bat an eye lash.  That’s the shame of our society, we give up on people who have given up on their selves.  What if God had done that to you? Where would you be in life?  Probably in the same shoes as Rick, so since we’re created in the image of Christ, doesn’t it make sense that we should show Rick the true grace, mercy, and love God has given us?  Look, I’m just being real and giving you something to tell the guy the next time, or to tell your friend who really isn’t buying into the whole “God” thing.



The best way to lead someone to Christ is by example.  Show people the impact Christ is having in your life and let God shine with radiance throughout the body.  Let Him shine in ways you never knew was possible, people will get the point and only … at the least make them ponder about God.  In which we are achieving our ultimate goal…letting God shine through out bodies and impacting others to become believers of Christ.



You’re like…I get this, it makes sense…or you’re lost.  I understand if you’re on both sides.  My point is that God gives us and grants us life.  He created us and is so sovereign and loving, so let’s give back to the one who gave us this opportunity.  If it’s not for true love of God, it’s at least for fairness and equality.  All I ask is that you don’t count anyone out, because God didn’t count you out, or hasn’t counted you out if you’ve never created that relationship with Him.  His door always stands wide open, and let’s be advantageous in every aspect of our lives in getting people to Christ.  We aren’t competing to see who can bring the most people to Christ, but the more the merrier, the more people we get to spend eternity with on those beautiful gold streets.  It will be a true blessing in Heaven, when all of our wickedness is gone from this world and we’re all purely joyful and loving to one another.  I can’t wait to see God either, the radiance reflecting off His body will be unimaginable.  So strong that we have neither day nor night, neither need light for the dark.  Fathom that for a while, simply INCREDIBLE.  God is SO GOOD.



I thank you for your time and consideration, I beg that we begin to do things God’s way and not our own way.  Let’s get our facts straight and walk with Christ.  Let’s not close doors for unbelievers, but open them, and not only open them, but show them the ultimate path to God.  I thank you Holy Spirit for giving me the words to speak, what a true blessing.

My God is so good.

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