Forget the Guinness Book of World Records, I want to a part of the Lamb’s Book of Life.




First, thanks for the great reviews and ratings that you’ve all been giving me.  It is so humbling to watch what God does through inspiring my writing and my thought process.  So again, I would love to thank you personally for viewing my blog constantly and following my quest to serve my all amazing God.



So how many of you are considered to be….uh, competitive? Perfectionist?  Even laizze fair? Perhaps non-chalant is a more common word.  Most of us would have some sort of competitive spirit with us, whether it’s within the realm of our spiritual life, scholarly life, athletic life, societal life, and well okay you get where this is going.  We all have THIS competitive spirit to thrive in whatever setting we are placed in.  It’s like when we grow up…we all want to do something to get in the Guinness Book of World Records, we want to make the olympics, be a professional athlete, become the best in the world at our hobby, etc.



Have you ever wondered where that came from?  Why we ALL thrive in situations and always want to come out on top?  Aside from the societal answer… “pride”, it actually came from God.  You see, every one of us are made in the image of God, personality included. It’s just that we’ve become corrupted in this ugly, horror filled world.  So it’s apparent that all of us get angry, right?  Well God gets angry also, in case you were naive and don’t realize that. Do you ever notice how we are all capable of having such genuine kindness?  Well guess what God has genuine kindness as well.  How about…Jealousy?  We ALL get jealous, whatever the reason is…is irrelevant. Also, guess what………….again, God is a jealous God, He is one who demands all of our Glory and High praise.  That’s why God did the ultimate duty of sacrificing HIS ONLY son for the cost of all of our sins.  God felt like it was necessary to save us from Satan, so that we can live for His ultimate glory.



This is where things get awesome.  Have you ever been one of those people in church that will sit there and wonder….”Why do we have to give all the praise to God?  Why can’t I have a slice of the pie (I mean I did do it after all)???



Guess what, friends…we’ve all been in that precarious situation where we have this selfish demand for everything.  Do you ever notice how selfish we are as people?  So is God, but the reasons for God being selfish, jealous, etc are FOR OUR GOOD!!!!!!!



  • Example:  If no person gave God praise, who would know of “God”.  Nobody, right?
  • Example:  If not one person thanked God for everything they do, who would ever thank God?  Nobody, right?
  • Example:  If people didn’t give their glory to God in all that they do, then who would give their glory to God?  Nobody, right?
  • Example:  If we, as society, accepted we were the reason for all beings and achievements, where would God be in society?  Non-existent, right?


This is a fascinating situation, God is actually JEALOUS, SELFISH, and other denotative terms for OUR GOOD.  Think of it like this…if nobody followed God’s Word and gave Him the praise He ultimately deserved, then who would know how to spread the Word of God?  Nobody would, because nobody would have ever heard of God.  You see, our praise is not only for God, but for ourselves and our peers!



  • This is something that really goes unnoticed in our world.  People are so selfish, but people simply think they’re praising God only because it’s the duty of themselves religiously.
  • However, in reality it’s for so much more than just because it’s called from us.  It’s our way of publicly telling the world that we accept God as our number one priority and to show off His goodness and grace.  While doing so, showing everyone we encounter what God has to offer and by recognizing Him first and foremost, it will give people the impression of the impact God has instilled within us.  Therefore, leaving them curious and perhaps finding their way into the Gospel and turning over to Christ!  That’s the cycle of life!  That’s our job as Christians, is to serve God by spreading His good, which is the Word!


That’s really something I believe people over-look every single day.  I hope that in hearing what I’ve had to say, you consider your word choice and start prioritizing God number one, not just for yourself, but for other potential believers.  Keep in mind, you honestly don’t know anyones salvation stance except for yourself, so just because you “believe they are saved” doesn’t mean that they are, so keep your mind open and be reverent to God’s word.  Not only though by obedient, but by being an example to people who don’t follow Christ.



Keep in mind, our ultimate goal is to get as many names in the Lamb’s Book of Life as possible!!!!!!!!!  So they can enjoy the amazing paradise, we call Heaven.  Which is something you get to enjoy as a reward in eternity if you accept Christ as your savior and believe that He died and had risen from the dead three days later.





God is so good to me personally and I have nothing but thanks towards Him.  I just want the public to realize, God is so much like us, but we overlook that because of the pedestal we place Him on and rightfully so.  Also, I want to let the public understand our mission as Christians.  It’s to get as many names in the Lamb’s Book of Life as we possibly can…to get this world to become a GOD LOVING world.





I hope you all have a wonderful night.  Again, thanks for taking the time and consideration to read this blog.  May God bless you forever.




2 thoughts on “Forget the Guinness Book of World Records, I want to a part of the Lamb’s Book of Life.

    1. I’m just trying to Spread God’s great Word! Please re-blog, share to Facebook, Twitter, etc and let the word get out! It’s our duty as humans to give all of our glory and understanding to the Lord and to no other. I take no credit for writing, it’s Holy Spirit inspired. Thanks so much for your kind words and may God bless you deeply!


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