Sit back and watch God work:

In every miracle that happened in the Bible, there was one constant.



The person/people was/were prepared for the miracle, faithfully ready and full-belief, I’ll give you an example:




When the fish and bread were multiplied, before it was actually multiplied and the actual miracle took place, Jesus had the people actually be seated as if the food was already there for them to eat.  So therefore, once you prepare yourself and faithfully allow God to do His Will and do it His way, great things can happen!




Through God, we can do ALL things.  We must turn to God and let God do the rest.  This is what our organization is all about, we’re going in head-first and blindly preparing ourself to watch God do amazing things, if it’s His will to be done!



I love you all and thanks so much for your conscious effort to view my blog and understand our mission.  We are seeking out ways to make people aware of God’s word.  Not just in the USA, but all around the world.  That’s our job as disciples of God, to spread His word!  People are viewing the listing like crazy and I thank you all so much for your support.






One thought on “Sit back and watch God work:

  1. We do need to trust God. The word “trust” in the Hebrew denotes confident expectation. We need to confidently expect God to act in our lives and wait eagerly to see what He will do in His time.


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