Big announcement, read this: God is working miracles before our very eyes

Good evening:



A few friends and I have decided to jump-in knee deep and dive right into working for the Lord.



What are we doing?:

  1. Getting the Word (Scripture) out to the world
  2. Wanting to provide an inexpensive service to distribute Bibles
  3. Giving an opportunity for anyone to get a copy of the Bible



We have all put money into the middle and decided to purchase Bibles at a wholesale – bulk price.  We are doing this to offer the most inexpensive option for our customers and giving people an option of logging online and getting a copy of the word for just $5 delivered to your door.  We will be the most cost-effective option on the entire global market for scripture specifically.  How, you ask?  Because we’re not in this to become rich and pay ourselves, we’re in this to give back to God for all of the blessings He has given and provided us with.




Every single dollar that is given to this cause and every Bible bought will literally pay for 3 more Bibles to be sold.  The plan is to send our order in tonight or tomorrow night and begin our process by the middle of next week.  Honestly jumping in with nothing but faith.  We are currently looking into website options, but I do have an eBay account that will be used in the meantime to get God’s word out.  I will be posting the link once it is ready for anyone interested.  I can’t re-iterate enough that this is simply to give God back all of the blessings He has provided us with.  We are going to sell them on-line for $4.99, and they’ll be delivered to your door for free (no shipping costs, that’s on us).  No matter WHAT nation you live in.  This is something I, along with these guys, have always dreamed of…giving back to God.  And I believe we’ve found a solution that will catch everyone by storm.  Now, of course, things will be slow in the beginning, but once the ball gets rolling, we will do other things with our funds…like:



  1. Get different versions of the Bible
  2. Provide different languages
  3. Donate to causes
  4. Use funding for distributing Bibles to places at no cost, where ever is in need
  5. Unlimited opportunities with our vision, which is Holy Spirit inspired



Our goal is to ensure that we’re not in this to make money, but simply to show our love and passion for the Lord.  We seriously can provide a service that no one in this world can offer.  We are just going to do the manual labor and let God do the work, we will see how it goes and trust that with Faith God will show us His greatness.  It’s all about us just having faith that with God, we can do ALL things.  It’s about Jesus saying, “Greater things than thee, you will do”, and living out our cause on this Earth.  I can’t wait to humbly serve the Lord and see what He truly is capable when you put everything in His hands.





I’m not asking any viewer to give to our cause per say, I’m asking for support, prayer, and that if you see an up-and-coming church who is in need of Bibles to contact us directly, or a church is needs new pew Bibles, and even if you know someone who honestly needs one!  A simple gift of $5 will not only change the persons life who the Bible is being bought for, but in addition is an opportunity for us to get three more Bibles in inventory to spread across this world.  The gift of giving for God’s purpose is awesome and fantastic.  I just again ask for prayer.  We are three people who are of the mindset that God’s will is all that matters and while we grow in our faith, we hope to bless a few people along the way.

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