If Jesus was here, would we even notice Him? Thinking…

Do we even REALLY know who Christ is?  I urge you to find all that you can about the one whom we long so dearly for.  It’s a fascinating thing, we long so deeply to know this perfect Man, this son of God…But we don’t long for getting to know Him.  Instead of this, we long for societal torments and misrepresentations like media outlets.  It’s not the Bible we let guide our lives, it’s the media outlets.  


I beg of you from God, that we take this world by storm and let the Bible deter our actions and keep in mind our lives purpose…It’s so easy to fall into the ways of this Earth and so hard to stay in the ways of God, because it’s so distinct.  




Simple thoughts I’m presenting you with are simply…blunt.  I ask that you find ways to truly acknowledge who Christ is in your daily lives, rather than look for what makes the world happy.  We should be faithful as God is to us.  So Again, I ask of you…do we know who Jesus really is?  Because I’m not sure any of us would actually recognize Him if we seen Him. We need to delve into who He is and let that mold us.  That’s our purpose in life, to live Christ like and spread the only words that really matter…




….God loves you.

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