Jesus is very underrated.

Good morning:



This morning, I want to keep this very short and sweet.  I’ll ask this simple question as we begin, what do you think of Jesus?  


I’m sure the details of your responses will vary drastically, because some people think much more highly of Jesus than others.  That’s simply because others don’t understand the magnitude of how great Jesus was.  In Hebrews God tells us that “evil” is not based on ways of the world or worldly descriptions, but whether you’re faithful or not. So you’re wondering what the two have to do with each other, right?  


  • Simple. Jesus was so faithful to God, that He never failed when temptation struck Him.
  • Jesus was so faithful that He prayed every morning before the sun even rose! (Could we sacrifice a little sleep to worship God?)


These are a couple points of interest that defend my position.  But Jesus, as a man, is so underrated and undervalued, I ask that you do a little research to see why He is the ultimate role model.  Although it has been many moons since His ascendence to Heaven, we still have proof in the Bible of what Jesus did in what circumstances.  


Example:  Every time Jesus was struck with temptation, He told Satan where in scripture it

was told He could not do something, or the words from His father directly. 


I just ask you go through your day that you consider the ways of Jesus and not the ways society has put forth for you.  Perhaps there are some overlapping ideals, the only sure way is to follow God like Jesus did.  No other way is acceptable, because Jesus showed us how to be good rather than evil.


Thanks so much for your time and stay posted, I do truly appreciate the support of the viewers. Let’s hit temptation on the head with scriptures, instead of faltering every single time.  Let’s do things Gods way, rather than our own.  Let’s follow the perfect one, rather than one who was born to sin!  



God is so good and thanks for tagging along and following my journey with Christ!

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