An infidelity that goes unnoticed. An acceptable thing, that shouldn’t be okay.

Good evening:




Today I want to bring something to your attention that honestly goes unnoticed every single day.  It is an acceptable “norm” that should no longer be accepted.  The way we think should change and change now.  Why?



  • Potential followers in Christ
  • Fatal Flaws
  • Rejection amongst Christian people
  • Assumptions
  • Connotations that are “ordinarily” and “arbitrarily” accepted (harsh reality)


So what exactly am I talking about  where in society…we have this preconceived notion where we automatically throw people to the curb without actually getting the chance to know them.  This happens quite frequently.  I’m going to list some “types” of people who would get starred down if they walked into your church service.  Hey, I’m being real, not fake here…This is just the harsh truth.


  • A male/female covered in tattoos, their sleeves, legs, neck, etc.  
  • A person dressed awkwardly to the “standard”
  • Someone who is intoxicated
  • A person with a publicly known problem
  • A Criminal who is out on bail
  • A person who has just been released from jail
  • Person with a disability


Right now you’re getting my drift, you’re getting the fact that people truly do make judgements before they are even seen.  Why is this?  Why is it that people feel like they can make judgements about people before every encountering them?  Ah, I’m SO glad you asked!



Here’s why.  We fail to recognize that God is GREATER, ENOUGH, SUFFECIENT, NOT ABSENT, NOT DISTANT, EVERPRESENT, and ULTIMATELY DETERMINES OUR DESTINY, we fail to let GOD know that we do trust Him with the ways He has provided us to follow (is this because we fail to have faith?)


It’s a human, fatal flaw!  This is the reason stereotypes are more preeminent, even more so than they’ve ever been at any point in human history.  You walk a day in high school and it’s like the world is completely divided, when it reality as God’s children, we should be uniting! Not dividing!  However, every single day, it never fails to see that we deny God.  We deny Him every opportunity that we deny a person before meeting that person.



Think of it like this, what if you walked into church and the preacher said, “I will only accept green eyed, brown hair, 23 year old females, and no others.  Only those are suffice in the ways I proclaim.”  Do you seriously think that is how it works? OF COURSE NOT.  So why is it that we as people have this “standard” that people must look like in order to speak to them period, much less share a personal relationship with Christ!  Instead, let’s exhort (encourage) others to speak to all people!  Thus the Bible says, we must go make disciples of ALL people of ALL nations, not just the people whom you are attracted to or deem fit to your personality!



God doesn’t deny people who come into Church wanting a slice of His love!  Instead, God says, “I welcome YOU with open arms, I have all the love in the world to share.”  Doesn’t He?  But what do we do? The opposite.  We are unfaithful in these trying times and attempt to let people know Him.  It is a true infidelity, an act of being unfaithful to Christian belief.



You see, nobody has probably ever pointed that out to you, because the next time that girl isn’t wearing the clothes she should be…we’ll just say “girls shouldn’t wear that, go get more clothes.”  BUT WHAT IF the reason they don’t have on the clothes is because they don’t have the cleansing purity of Christ!  What if it’s because in that moment, you’re supposed to share God’s Word with that person!  How about the guy tattooed all over that you’re literally scared of because they look so…”creepy”.  What this doesn’t happen to you????  Quit lying to yourself.  This happens to everyone.  Or how about that guy who doesn’t smell to swell?  THE SAME THING, we DENY them before ever giving them the opportunity to even learn to know Christ to get their lives cleaned up.




The worst part is…we make that assumption that they’re not already a follower with Christ.  How do we not know that the guy with the tattoos didn’t get them before He become a child of God!  We don’t know that!  He could be completely cleaned, but BECAUSE of his outward appearance, we make the assumption that they are not Godly and not clean!  This happens all the time.  Or you could even get into the heated debate on whether Christians can get tattoos in the meantime.  But people out there deny these people because of certain things.  When in reality that very person may be more Godly than you are.  It’s such a fascinating topic.



It’s so interesting because society says it’s okay, God doesn’t.  Society has overruled God.  That needs to change.  What does God call evil?  Being unfaithful, check out Hebrew.  Check out the entire Gospel.  Look, God doesn’t see the outward appearance of our bodies, God sees our lives.



“He doesn’t see that sin you did last week, only our conscious does, for God has forgiven us.  Satan just rules your mind with these notions.  Let’s reach out and try to be more Godly in our coming days!”  -Judah Smith



This is your time to change.  This is your time to let God take over your mind, time to let God allow you to oversee peoples uniqueness. Look past their mistakes, because that’s what God does!  Let’s draw nearer to God rather than fade away from Him.



God bless you and have a wonderful night.  My prayer is…I truly hope that you start to overlook these first impression assumptions and keep your heart open as God does to each and every one of us.  God welcomes people of all nations, ethnicities, colors, eye colors, hair colors, short, tall, fat, skinny, fast, slow, strong, weak, and God gives these people life.  Let’s give people the guide to seek that life from God instead of rejecting it.  That’s all I ask of you.  God bless, I love you all.

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