God and trendy…together? Let’s create this as the new “fad”!

Good evening, it’s a blessing to write to those of you who are viewing my blog regularly.  Yesterday, I wrote a small slip of how God really impacts our everyday life without us really appreciating it.  Tons of you viewed it, although I’ve taken some considerable time off from writing.



Thanks to your willingness and commitment to see this writing inspired by God, it’s the inspiration I need to continue to strive in my relationship with Christ.



So I want to bring light to an ongoing problem that is completely present in our time.  What’s that, you ask?



  • Trends


So what is a “trend”, you ask?  —In an easy modern, my own word definition; trendy, trend, trends, trending, are all words that are associated with the upcoming “fad” (popular thing).  For example, fashions are completely trendy, the team who wins the Super Bowl will be favored by millions of kids for a lifetime, because it’s trendy in our society to pick the winners.


So in a glimpse, trends are something that come and go much like the best teams in sports.  Or it’s like a rotation, like fashion, the reasons why 80’s fashions are cool today, because the people who are CEO’s of these extremely large clothing lines grew up in the 80’s, so it’s only natural that fashion trends rotate dependent upon when the CEO’s grew up.



Now you can comprehend what exactly a trend is.  For those of you who already knew, I hope I didn’t lose you or bore you to death.  I just wanted to give people a real idea what it really is.




  • How trends are related to this message?


That is simple, trends are really cool.  Another quick example is the new “hip” Christmas present for little kids, perhaps like this year all the little kids, teenagers, adults, etc wanted iPhone’s because of the prestige and social presence the item holds itself, rather than who actually owns the item.




Back to the point, I want to raise a solution to our modern day problem.  What problem?  The problem of the uncertainty of your friends and what their religious concentration is.


Ex:  Here at Western Carolina University, there are times where I truly meet people and don’t understand how complex and with what depth you can talk to people because you just don’t know them.  There are people that are complex Christians and completely understand what you’re saying because of their own convictions and inspiration to further themselves with Christ.  However, then you have people who are completely against the ideal of God and Jesus.  So it creates this….social “awkwardness”.



What do you mean social awkwardness?  It is a situation that arises which creates some sort of discomfort amongst a person or persons, in my own words at least. So now you get where I’m going.



It’s feasible to realize that it’s socially awkward to talk about God to people you don’t know.




Why is it so socially awkward to speak about the Lord at all times?  Perhaps we could blame our ancestors or the news networks, maybe lawyers, etc.  When in reality, all blame is simple failure to acknowledge existence for failure.  In easy terms, blame is just failing to realize you aren’t doing your part.



It is our, the peoples, fault.   We fail to include God in our daily lives and our daily conversations.  We fail to surround ourselves with people who agree and see eye to eye with ourselves and God’s all-wonderful ways.




So I’ve taught you what a trend is.

I’ve taught you what the problem is in society.

I’m here to create a solution for today’s problem.



What if all Christians, children of Christ, would include God in their daily conversations.  A simple, thank God for x, y, & z, to show that you truly don’t want credit and want to glorify God’s wonderful being.  Do you not believe…that if you heard God’s name in daily conversations, wouldn’t you seriously feel more apt to speak of our great God.  Let’s be honest, if the guy beside of me and his girlfriend have Bible’s or are speaking of devotional material, I would much more likely speak about the same topic if they did.  So if I would feel more comfortable, don’t you think the other person beside of me would do the exact same thing?  Before long, wouldn’t this create a serious buzz about God?  Interesting eh?  It’s fascinating to think that we could create this serious buzz about God and eventually that buzz would linger in other towns, states, nations, continents, etc.  Seriously…stop what you’re doing and think that if every Christian would speak to a hand full of people tomorrow and not just tomorrow, but every single day.  Now imagine the impact that would seriously have.  Isn’t that OUR JOB as Christians, to REACH out! To Go out and do GREATER things and BRING everyone to God!




This is a simple thought…the ACT of just speaking to God to people would become “trendy” but because God is ETERNAL, the love of Christ and the love FOR Christ, would become eternal.  And for the absolute first time in the history of the world a trend would become an ETERNAL trend.  The world could be caught by God’s great storm and realize the love God truly has for us all.  I am EXTREMELY emphatic about this thought.  Again, this trend of talking about God amongst people would only benefit everyone because we would all grow closer in our relationship with Christ and it would also lead other souls to see what God really has to offer for them in this world!  So the beginning of this “trend” would NEVER end, the word trend would never be used again.




Now seriously… think about that.  Now this is a stretch, but hear me out:



It’s sort of like Blue Jeans, right?  One day, someone named God created denim and then God inspired someone to create denim jeans…so denim jeans which started one day and now everyone on this entire planet basically wears blue jeans.  So it’s an idea that began as a trend and is now a part of our every single day life and that trend impacted billions and now is a part of every single persons daily life.




WHAT IF WE COULD DO THIS FOR THE CREATOR OF THIS UNIVERSE, GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Some simple idea and implement God into our DAILY lives.  This is essentially what Heaven will be like!  We will all glorify God in all conversations!  What an amazing place that will be.  NO more selfishness or selfish thoughts!  This world could do the same if we would just act on our actual love for God, rather than keep it in the closet!




Friends, why don’t we take this thought and take it with our daily lives! Imagine the impact this idea could have, if we simple all seek God as we do this!  We could exhort or encourage everyone!   We could all do this together as one body of Christ, one Church, the bride of the Lord.




I leave you with the idea that I taught you a definition, told you a problem we all have, and provided a solution.  Let’s spread God’s Word and act upon it!   God bless you and have an amazing night!





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