How God shows up in every moment of our lives:

Good evening,


Do you ever notice that…you seem to forget God’s presence once you leave church?  That you seem to completely forget about our gracious Savior once you turn your eyes to the wicked things of this world?  That’s something we are all guilty of, regardless of the magnitude.  Sin is sin.  We are all accountable, so why bother denying it and denying God?  When, in fact, we’re all guilty from birth.  The fact that we’re guilty from birth says enough and is so powerful, it should leave us floored.  Think about that…ponder on that small fraction of a thought. Ah, we’re simply prideful! That’s my opinion at least!


Genesis 3 would be an amazing place to start when considering those facets I laid out!


Ask yourself, why do you deny God?  Okay, now why does society deny God?  Okay, now why does this world deny sin and it’s existence? These are extremely difficult questions.


So I’ll start with this:


First, In God, I will always represent my being.  Along side our creator, it only makes since that we’re in debt to the One who is our Master.  It is only through Him that we are able to do the simplest things…such as breathing.  Without the ability to breathe, we wouldn’t be able to do the strenuous things that are a part of our daily lives.  Every moment is truly a blessing given by God. For that, I thank Him.


Oh, you didn’t realize that God is the one who allows us to breathe?  You see,  the Bible specifically talks about this very subject.  Please check it out for yourself. (Genesis would be a great place to look!)


Here’s an adverse perspective, a perspective that you wouldn’t typically hear told to you.

  • What do you do in your daily life?
  • Name a few activities…


Perhaps you work, go to school, or even stay at home.  Let’s say for the sake of this blog, we’re all pretty ordinary.  Whether we are up for admitting it or not, we are all completely a like and God’s wonderful creation, one in His own image.    So just think about that, whether you’re 74 and retired, 21 in college, or 34 and a full-time parent and full-time worker.  We’re all going to experience the same life, right?  Be born, grow up, go through trials and tribulations.  You see, we’re all so much more ordinary than we really anticipate ourselves being.  So let me ask you…



Since we’re all completely ordinary in the fact our bodies are all created the form of God’s.


So what is the absolute most painful injury possible?  What do you think?  Now before you’re quick to to jump to perhaps a head injury, an ACL, or maybe a shoulder contusion…let’s think about a rib injury.  Ah, significance here to anyone who has read or heard the beginning of the gospel.  (Eve was created and took a rib of Adam’s by God’s choice).

  1. Why a rib, right?


Simple: Your ribs are your shield for your most vital parts of your body.


For example:


Heart, Lungs, it allows you to have flexibility in movements, and so many other purposes.  Okay, now you’re like will you please hurry up and get to the point.  Or maybe you see where I’m going here.  With a rib injury you can’t breathe, laugh, cough, twist, turn, walk, bend, sit, or any necessary body movement without any sort of pain or instance of hinderance.  Ah, it’s interesting!



So do you find it ironic that we take every moment for granted, but something as simple as breathing is what we take the most for granted.  However, once you experience a rib injury, you begin to realize the importance of breathing and how it is extremely painless on a day to day basis.  I’m infatuated with this thought.  That something as simple as a bruised rib can hinder our ability to function and that’s just something so small in comparison to the entire human body!



It is efficacious that we comprehend the vitality of this.  I mean it’s absolutely important that we truly get this and don’t just let it rush us by.  It’s important that we take a back seat in our lives and let God control our lives, because something as simple as the most important motion of our bodies; we constantly forget to give credit to God.  It’s simply because we fail to realize God’s significance!



Ah, that web I’ve been weaving this time is about to be completed and woven together, please bare with me as I conclude my thought.



First, we, the people, leave church and often forget God’s existence in our daily lives…..for whatever reason or excuse you may have.

Second, we deny God, because we are prideful and fail to allow God to get the credit He deserves.  Pride plays a prominent role.

Third, we’re all ordinary people who believe they’re extraordinary.  When, in fact, only with the blessings of God can we actually be “extra-ordinary”.

Fourth, breathing is an exercise we fail to give God credit for, and it’s an exercise that we do every second of our lives.

Fifth, We recognize that God is in control because our lack of seeing the significance in life.




So here’s my point.  I’ve wrote 1,000 words on how God impacts our lives through breathing…how about every other facet or exercise we experience on a daily basis?  We may fail to realize it, but God is constantly showing us new ways in life, it’s our job to answer when He calls.



We were all born as a tool in His garden, it’s our job to pick how often we’re used.  Do we want to be first off the shelf or last?  Just a simple thought to think as I leave you this evening!  God is so good!  God blesses us with every moment in our lives!  I want you to leave this blog realizing that God truly is with us at all time and that’s something we should always thank Him for at all times!



Thanks again for taking the time to view this blog! God bless again!

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