Oh, God is…well God.



Do you ever precariously ponder on whom God really is?  It’s as very common thought and comes with a connotation. Either you’re extremely for God or you flat out don’t believe in our creator.  Whether it’s the Big Bang, Darwinism, etc.



Chances are that you believe in something that there was a way of our sudden creation…I want you to really think about something for a moment. What you ask?


  1. Where did you come from?
  2. How did you get there?
  3. How about your parents?
  4. Their parents?
  5. Eventually we’ll date back to Adam & Eve


So what do that imply? That man exists from an ameba?  Eh, If you read Genesis Chp. 1, you’ll learn exactly the coming bouts of our lives.  How Adam came from dust, where Eve came from.  How the animals came to be, the water, the trees, etc.



Oh…you’re one of those?  You don’t buy into the Bible…you just think we’re all re-incarnated?  Oh, you’re not that either?  You simply deny God based on a false premise?  Eh, I see…So I’ll start here, 


  • My point in writing tonight is to let you know that God is….well God.  



So to yourself, what’s your image of God?  Use 3 words to describe God, can you think of 3?  Oh, they’re negative?  Or positive? Perhaps, de-valuing who God is?  I see.  I got you.




Ah, but it’s so clear whom God is.  God is…well God.  You see, we humans try to analyze everything because we believe we are this innate being whom can understand all things.  We are this creature who manifests our entire making on fathoming all there is to fathom.  Why do we do this?  Why is it that we believe that we can understand God?  Why do we actually believe we understand the Bible?  



To this, I say: It’s simple.  We are in the image of God.  We were created in the image of God.  Exactly like God, ah except perfection.  It’s instilled within us to want to achieve perfection.  But you see when we talk theological, we’re no longer able to be impervious or perfectionist.  This is simply because we have no practicality of who God is because only God knows who God really is.  You see because well..God is…well God.  We’re not supposed to understand God.  It’s unfathomable because God was here before we all were. God created this Earth.  How are we supposed to seriously try to get into the head of God and try to tell him this or that…we can’t.



You see, this world didn’t just show up here.  People didn’t show up here.  Imagine that.  There’s a bunch of nothingness in this Universe.  One may argue: you must know something to comprehend nothing.  I beg to differ, there’s no arguing here.  Fact is a fact.  Genesis will tell you all that you need to know about the creation of this world.  



So now think about this…Who is God?  Oh, God is…well God.  God is supernatural, God is perfect, God is just, God is all-consuming, God is worthy, God is the creator, God is unfathomable, God is real, God is all, and most importantly God is here present to love you.  




So I ask you again, who is God?  I gave you the absolute best answer I could, because the only thing I know is that…God is God.  I know what the Word, the Bible, says and that’s plenty for me.  But do you know what I can tell you:



  • Everyone who accepts Him, will get to meet Him one day.  


So back to the applicable question here: Who is God?  Are you tired of reading that question over and over…and over.  Well I’m here to beg that question of you and what you think the answer should be.  



That’s the ULTIMATE question.  You see, I’m here to simply sell you the Gospel, I’m here to sell you that God is just, God is real, and God is pure.  God is alive and still kicking today.  Not only was He here yesterday, He was here today, and tomorrow; and will be here until Jesus comes back to this Earth.  So my question to you again, who is God?



I beg you to ask yourself that every day.  Ask yourself who you think God really is.  Because that’s the ultimate question in your relationship with Him.  Do you question who you believe He is?  Look it up in scripture.  Bibles are available everywhere these days.  iPhone, iPad, Nook, Kindle, Android devices, Laptops, MacBooks, computers, actual Hard copies, etc.  There are different translations so that you can understand the Bible, so don’t say you don’t understand King James so you can’t understand the Bible.  The Bible is readily available for you.  



So lastly, I ask: Who is God?  I hope that your answer has changed since you began reading this.  My purpose is simply to make you think…Who is God?  Because my savior Jesus Christ is the only perfect person to exist.  That’s one thing I know for sure.  The Bible has it directly in there.  That’s 100% authentic, genuine, and accurate.  That’s the only guarantee life has to offer is that there is God.  So it’s absolutely ESSENTIAL to YOUR life’s purpose to understand whom God actually is!




So you say I’ve been redundant, eh?  I’ve just asked you a question over and over and over again.  No, I’m raising awareness that the most important thing in our existence is to grow as close as possible with our God to share our testimonies and share our purposes to inspire and instill God’s good in everyone.  Our purpose is to spread God’s word and no other.  I will live and die for this cause.  God bless and goodnight!





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